Master Keys

It Is All About YOU Finding, Knowing, And Focusing On Your STRENGTHS, NOT Your Weaknesses

One “Master Key” to success is the axiom: “Do what you love”. 

Only if you do what you love will you be “successful” in all aspects. 

The next “Master Key” to success is the axiom: “Do what you are GOOD at”! 

Let’s combine these axioms into: “Your career, “job”, or money-making activity should be at the intersection of what you love to do, and what you are good at doing (what your talent and strength is, what you do BEST).

Gallup conducted a 40-year study on human strengths and talents and developed the CliftonStrengths assessment. It is fully described in the tiny little book: StrengthFinder 2.0 HYPERLINK "" by Tom Rath.

In the last 10 years over 10 million people worldwide have engaged in research with Gallup on this subject. 

Of these 10 million people, LESS than 30% said they felt “engaged”  in their job and are doing “what I love to do” and “what I do best”. 

Those lucky few were THREE TIMES as likely to report having an excellent quality of life in general.

It is all about YOU finding, knowing, and focusing on your STRENGTHS, NOT your weaknesses.

In less than 30 minutes you can take the online assessment and find out where your strengths are. You will then get access to various reports that are ALL ABOUT YOU! 

These reports tell you what you might consider DOING to work on developing your strengths, instead of the age old method of trying to work on your weaknesses (which is a waste of time!)

Think about this. 

Some people are NATURALLY good at athletics, others simply are not. 

Some are good with numbers, others are not. 

Some are good with music or art, others are not. 

Some are good with communication, others are not. 

Some are good at details, others are not. 

If someone who is not naturally talented at playing the piano, practices for hours a day, day after day, they WILL learn how to play the piano. But it will be HARD. It will be like swimming upstream. They are going against the grain. Everything will be a struggle.

To be happy and successful, we must be doing things that allow us to be in a “flow”. We must FEEL “in alignment”.

We all have NATURAL tendencies. Find them, and build on them!

Doing what you love AND are good at doing, is not only a key to success but also to inner fulfillment and happiness. 

I STRONGLY encourage you to get this little book! It will take about 10 minutes to read the introduction, and then about 30 minutes to do the online assessment. 

Then you will have reports that reveal everything about YOU, that you probably did not even know. And you will get personalized instructions for specific action steps you can take to maximize your strengths. This is all about focusing on your STRENGTHS, on your POSITIVES, on what you are GOOD AT…NOT the areas you are weak in. 


Get the book and take the assessment TODAY! Start being totally fulfilled, happy, satisfied, and successful. 

When you are “in the zone”, doing what you love and what you are good at (because you finally discovered where your strengths are), you will feel like you are swimming DOWN stream (with the current), instead of feeling like everything is going against you. 

You CAN live a life filled with fun and passion.

See you ALL at the TOP!

Your friend,