Mega Success Secret

You Get In Life What You Know, Consciously And Subconsciously,
That You Are WORTHY Of Having

It has been said that we don’t get in life what we want. Rather, we get in life what we negotiate.

The person who said that was selling a course on Negotiation. It is true in a way, if you understand that the only way you can negotiate “well” is when you are coming from a position of strength, a position of power, or when you know that you have “all the cards”.

A more accurate statement then, which is a Mega Success Secret is this:

“You don’t get in life what you want. Rather, you get in life what you KNOW YOU ARE WORTHY OF.”

You could say it these ways:

You get in life what you know you deserve. 

You get in life what you know you are entitled to as your inheritance (as an extension and expression of the ONE love and light that is all things, you have inherited everything and everything is DUE you).

You get in life what you ARE. 

What you ARE is what you KNOW you are. It is your “self-image”. It is how you see yourself. It is how you perceive yourself.  You ARE, what you KNOW you are. If you know you are the pure expression of God’s love and light, and just as God is love and light, so are you, then you KNOW your “Divinity”.

You can say it this way: “KNOW that you are a “child” of “God”, and an “Heir” to the “Kingdom” (All That Is).

It can be said in many ways, with many words. 

You get in life what you know, consciously and subconsciously, that you are WORTHY of having.

If you don’t have something in your life that you “want”, it simply means you do not feel you are WORTHY of having that thing that you want. 

Your self-worth is too low. Your self-image does not align with that of a person that can have what you want. 

You do not feel “good enough”. You do not feel you deserve it or are entitled to it.

This is why one great Master had only one message that he repeated over and over again: 

“Believe in your dream, and believe in yourself.”

“Believing in yourself” is another way of saying to know that you are “good enough”, you are worthy of success, you deserve success. Know that you are entitled and worthy of anything you ask because you are the offspring of the King of Kings who owns all that exists. Everything that is, was and will be is your inheritance and you can claim it any time you desire. 

THIS is the Mega Success Secret of the Ages, knowing you are WORTHY. 

Much love, 

Your friend,