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How To Learn Like The Masters By Tapping Into The Field Of Consciousness

In a previous  lesson, I talked about the hundreds of self-improvement, personal transformation, success training, and spiritual enlightenment methods and systems I have "studied" in my life.
I am often asked how I had the time to study so much material.
The answer is interesting.
Think about this. Two children, who have never seen a piano, go to take piano lessons on the same day with the same teacher. They are taught at the same time in a "class" consisting of just the 2 of them. They both practice the exact same amount of time each day.
In 6 months, one of the children is playing the piano almost like a master, and the other still can't play chopsticks.
What is the difference?
One child came into this world "predisposed" to play the piano, preloaded if you will, with piano playing talent, probably from previous lives of playing the piano, and/or is "plugged into the Universal Field (The Ether)" and is downloading piano playing talent. It might be in his/her DNA.
The other child simply has no "previous life" programming for piano and is not plugging into the piano playing vibrations in the "field of consciousness". Perhaps this child will be better at a physical sport, math or art.
To take that further, consider that when a child reads a book (such as Level 1 Math), they might not "get math". It might be a struggle for them to comprehend and understand the material. They might be "slow at math".
Yet, when another child reads that same book (Level 1 Math), they may be able to remember and use immediately almost all of material in it and "get math" instantly with almost total understanding as it "comes easy to them and feels natural". They are "naturally good and quick with math".
Not only will this "gifted in math" child have total and immediate comprehension of all the material in the book (Level 1 Math), but they will also "know" the material in Level 2,3, 4, and 5 Math even though they have not even started those books yet! It is like they already KNOW all the material and they are just being "reminded" of the data. It all comes to them easily and naturally. They are "gifted in math".
For example: When you tell someone like the late Dr. Morter, Edison, Einstein, Tesla, or Hubbard BEFORE they every learned anything about math " 1+1=2, and 2+2=4...they stop you and say..."I get it! 3+3=6 and 6+6=12 and 4X4=16”. Their minds can process information so fast, and come to such complete and quick comprehension and conclusions, it looks "superhuman".
They do this because everything in life is a virtual "hologram". Meaning in any little piece, EVERYTHING is contained within it! One little cell, contains enough "information" to create the whole animal. These people have the innate ability to tap into the "holographic" nature of everything in the Universe and thus, when exposed to even a tiny bit, can understand the "whole" and entire body of knowledge that the tiny bit of information came from.
So, the first way someone learns so much so fast, is that the material is actually already "known" to them. They are simply being "reminded" of the data. This is said to be from previous lives.
We see this often with prodigies for example in math, science, sports, or the arts. There are thousands of kids who sit in front of a piano and just start playing without ever having a lesson, or can draw perfectly the first time they try, or can do algebraic math calculations before they go to the first grade. This is documented around the world in hundreds of thousands of known cases.
The next way someone learns so quickly, is their innate natural gift and ability to "download" information from the "minds" of "experts" as well as from the Universal Field of Consciousness (the Ether).
When I read a book, I can tap into the mind of the author (whether they are alive or dead), and "know" what they were thinking and virtually download their knowledge. Hundreds of thousands of people have been able to do this in documented controlled experiments conducted by highly accredited Universities and research institutes. In fact, just "holding the book", or having the book in their physical presence, allows certain people to "download" all the knowledge in it!
In addition to downloading information from a particular person, or directly from a book, since ALL knowledge is in this Universal field, I (and many others who learn so quickly with complete comprehension and understanding), can tap into the Ether and find any "answer" we want.
This is how certain gifted "psychics" tell you all about YOU with near 100% accuracy. They "read your mind". They do this by: looking at the pictures (memories) in your mind; looking at the virtual 3 dimensional video recording of everything that ever came in through your senses (all your memories); and hear or feel all the thoughts, feelings and emotions you ever had.
Additionally, they tap into the Universal field. In that field is all YOUR memories, pictures, thoughts, feelings, conclusions, and emotions, as well as everyone else's from the beginning of time.
So, when you look at people like Yogananda, L.Ron Hubbard, Dr. Morter, Muktananda, Krishnamurti, OSHO, Edison, Einstein, Lester Levenson, Dr. Callahan, Buddha, Tesla, and many other people who simply "knew and learned' more information than "time" allowed, this is how they did it. Some did it consciously, some did it unconsciously.
I originally did it unconsciously. Now I do it consciously.
Then add this element. Imagine a computer from 1985. It had a small RAM (random access memory) and a slow 16 bit processor.
Compare this to a computer today. It might take 100 times longer for a computer made in 1985 to compute something compared to a computer today with it's much much larger RAM and much much faster processors.
Everyone's mind has RAM and processing power. Everyone can store the same infinite amount of information as we all have that same capacity. But, we all have different amounts of RAM and differing processing powers. Some people, like Edison or Einstein, had HUGE amounts of RAM and super-fast processing powers, thus they never got "overwhelmed" with "too much information". They never had a problem processing and "digesting" HUGE amounts of data.
Everyone CAN, using specific processes, increase their "RAM" and mental processing speeds to a certain extent. However, few of us will ever get to the levels of processing power and RAM of an Einstein.
So, this is another factor that allows some people to "learn and know" more information than "time would allow".
The good news is when one reads some of Dr. Morter’s words, Hubbard, Buddha, Muktananda, or other "masters", one can gain knowledge in just a few pages of their "condensed" conclusions and explanations that would have taken YEARS of intense study on our parts. So we all are blessed to have those people who have taken it upon themselves to study self-improvement material and teach it.
May we all become better because of wonderful "Masters" who have been given the gift of being able to "learn and know" so much information, so totally and completely with complete comprehension, so quickly and be able to share those conclusions with us. I know I am much better because of them. I am forever grateful to those Masters who I humbly bow.
Much love,

Your friend,