Mental Toughness #2

You Have The Power To Turn YOUR Hell (Your Negative Situations) Into Something Very Positive For You. Look For The Gold In Everything

I did something very dangerous yesterday. It was part of my mental training. I woke up and was determined to look for the “dirt’ instead of the gold! This is a slippery slope as it might have been hard to get out of the abyss I knew I was going into… but I knew I had the mental power to pull myself out and passing this test would be very beneficial to me at this point in my training.

It was easy to find the dirt, it was everywhere! I realized I was actually in prison! Wow! Prison sucks! It is horrible. This is a nightmare. It is depressing, ugly, torture and scary. It is really hell. Instantly I felt bad. I felt all the bad emotions. It happened fast and furious, and it was like a runaway freight train. People around noticed right away…saying ” Are you alright? Did something bad happen?” 

When you look for dirt and focus on it, the universe will keep giving you more terrible things to look at. When you feel bad and think a bad thought, the universe keeps giving you (because you attract it) more and more bad thoughts… it takes a life of its own. 

I then pulled myself out! I knew going into the exercise I had the power at any moment to pull myself out because I always can deliberately focus my mind on something good. So I did. I did not feel good right away. You can’t go from feeling terrible to feeling bliss…you can only go from feeling terrible to feeling a little less terrible… little by little… you move up the emotional scale. I did this… but I am really well trained now! It only took me a couple minutes and I was back feeling amazing! 

You see, this place IS hell… AND it IS also heaven! You have the power to make ANYTHING heaven or hell. I have the power to make this place and this experience heaven for me. I have the power to make it anything I want. So do you. You have the power to turn YOUR hell (your negative situations) into something very positive for you. YOU have the power of your mind and where you focus your thoughts. Look for the gold in everything. Look for the positive aspects in everything… they ARE there! 

Find them… focus on them. and get feeling BETTER… THEN and only then will your reality change into a bliss experience. because you are feeling blissful in your CURRENT situation.

Much love,