More On Death and Dying

When Someone Close To Us Passes Away, Losing Their Physical Presence Can Create A Huge Sense Of “Loss”, Yet, These Are The Times When Love Is Poured Out To Us More Than At Any Other

Over the years that I have been incarcerated, many of my friends and family members have passed away, including my Mom and Dad. I recently received news from my friend that her husband passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. This woman happens to be my closest friend of over 30 years and her husband was also a close friend. She has an amazing close loving family that will support her during this very challenging time. She is also surrounded by friends from all over the world that love her. My heart goes out to all of their family and friends. He was a wonderful man who was always so kind, generous and supportive of me. I still remember the first time I met him at an Italian restaurant in Chicago where we had a lovely dinner. He, being Italian and such a loving soul, gave me a big hug and a "kiss" on both cheeks "Italian style".

When someone close to us passes away, losing their physical presence can create a huge sense of "loss", a void, an emptiness and a vacuum that seems impossible to fill. Yet, these are the times when love is poured out to us more than at any other. Yes, there is loss and an empty void. But know that LOVE from everywhere is pouring in to fill that void.

My dear friend, you are loved more than you know. Open your heart now and receive that love and allow it to heal your heart. God loves you, all the people whose lives you touch love you, and so do I.

Your friend,