On Death And Dying #1

GuruKev Talks About The Transition (Death) Of His Father And Shares Some Nuggets Of Gold

As you know my Dad passed and transitioned into another dimension some time ago (in English, that means he died). The last time I talked to him, a few hours before he passed, he laughed and said he was going to croak! We both laughed.

He had never read or listened to any of the Abraham/Hicks material, but it is funny that Abraham always referred to “dying” as ‘Croaking”. 

Dad was at peace at his passing and so was I. I was not sad; I was happy for HIM. I was not depressed; I was thankful for a marvelous life we shared. Many of you fear I am grieving. I am not. I “know” that when one leaves his body, he becomes totally free and more powerful than you could ever imagine, experiencing bliss and peace that surpasses all human understanding or comprehension. 

I love my Dad and it was simply his time. We all will have our time. I am celebrating his wonderful life as he would want me to do. He always wanted me to follow my dreams and simply be true to myself, as he instinctively knew that would put me in alignment with who I really am and be totally joyful. 

I am thankful that he was my father. I was very lucky and blessed to have him as my Dad. I am happy as I joyfully recall our times together and all the wisdom, I learned from him. Many of the lessons he taught me were by simply living his life for me to witness. 

Now as I think back, I am seeing his true wisdom in a much clearer light, and at a very deep level, learning the lessons NOW he consciously and subconsciously was teaching me his whole life. 
I am so appreciative for my Dad and for everything in my life. I am more joyful now than ever. His passing, as was his life, is a gift. In the words of my dear departed friend Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, “Life IS Tremendous!!!”

Much love!!