On Death And Dying #2

When You Are Internally Liberated And Self-Realized, You See, Understand, Comprehend, And “Know” That There Is No “Death”, Only A “Dropping Of The Physical Body”

My wonderful blessed Mother gently and peacefully passed away some time ago. She was 88 years old. It was her time. My Father quietly passed away as well, also at 88 years old. It was his time. Both "passings" occurred while I have been held in a US prison for "contempt of court" (not a felony and not a misdemeanor). Over the last 18 months, several people very close to me have "died". 

Many people fear their own "death". It is one of people's greatest fears. Most are very emotional, sad and grieve when those that are close to them and they love "die". I, however, feel only joy and inner bliss when someone close to me "passes". I appreciate their physical life and time in their body and celebrate their life experiences on this physical plane. 

When you are internally liberated and self-realized, you see, understand, comprehend, and "know" that there is no "death", only a "dropping of the physical body". This is why the non-physical Abraham ("channeled" by Esther Hicks) and others who "know", refer to death as "croaking, dropping the body, transitioning, merging with the infinite/absolute, returning to Source, etc". When we use these terms there is no intention of disrespect to those who "died", or those family, friends and loved ones who are still on this physical plane grieving the "loss". We use these terms to "lighten" the concept of the passing of a loved one. We wish to put into perspective this natural part of the life cycle. The only thing in life that is assured, is that we will all "croak" (drop the physical body). 

When someone passes, we will always miss his or her physical presence. This is similar to what occurred back before travel and communication was easy. Back in the year 1900, if a loved one decided to leave his friends and family and go to a faraway foreign country, you would probably never see that loved one again. You would say your goodbyes, and never talk to them, communicate with them or see them ever again. You would miss their physical presence. They would be "gone", but they would still be "living". Leaving the body is similar. You (SELF) are always existing. You (SELF) are eternal. If you (SELF) are in a physical body, or not, you (SELF) are still the same YOU. YOU are not a body. You are an extension of non-physical SOURCE energy: ALL-That-Is. 

When you are fully aware and conscious of who you really are (and who everyone else is as well), your life becomes so much easier. You simply are not internally affected by outside circumstances, conditions, situations, and events. What people say or do has little or no lasting effect on you. What "happens" to you, or in your experience, has little or no effect on your inner "state". You see everything as Source and as Perfect, because you can perceive it from that perspective. You have complete knowingness.

As I reflect on the passing of my mother, I have no sadness or grief. This is not a "difficult time" for me. I am filled with joy and supreme bliss as I think with deepest appreciation for her being in my life. I celebrate her wonderful amazing life that I was so blessed to have shared. I thank her for all she did for me in so many ways, and all the lessons she taught me. I am still "with" her as well as my father, and always will be. Thank you, dear Mother, and thank you dear Father, I am always connected to you and will always be yours.

Much love...