Our Perspectives 

When You Deal With Something, You See It And Understand It From Your Perspective Or Your Point Of View

We all have one perspective on things... our own. When you deal with something, you see it and understand it from your perspective or your point of view. You see things through the filters of where you are and where you have been. You view things from your conditioning. 

Everyone has a unique and different perspective and point of view of everything. We think that everyone should see things and understand things exactly as we do. But no one sees things, understanding things or views things exactly as you do. Everyone's perspective is totally unique. When you can see something, view something and understand something from everyone's uniquely different viewpoint simultaneously, you have complete understanding and knowingness. You have compassion for others. You are more accepting.

This gives you inner peace. It also gives you major advantages in your life. Imagine "knowing" exactly how someone feels about something as if you were "inside" that person. Imagine being able to understand someone else's viewpoint exactly as they see it. Since we all share the same SELF and are all extensions of the same ONE Universal Consciousness, then this is something you can do. When you have this ability, you have compassion for everyone. You hate no one. You have love for everyone and everything without condition and without exception. You also can communicate with people flawlessly. You "understand" everyone and you can get them to completely understand you.

I teach how to release this ability in The Science of Personal Mastery Course.

 Much Love,