Overcoming Adversity

Successful People Are Not People Without Problems; They Are Simply People Who Have Learned How To Overcome Their Problems

One of the most common reasons people fail is not because they have obstacles and adversity in their life. It is because they do not overcome those obstacles and adversity. 

It is NOT because they are faced with adversity. Everyone deals with adversity in their lives. Everyone gets knocked down.

Failures get knocked down and stay down.

Winners get knocked down and keep getting back up. They figure out WHY they got knocked down in the first place and try not to make the same mistakes again. They LEARN the most by being knocked down.

Successful people are not people without problems.

They are simply people who have learned how to overcome their problems.

They learn how to overcome their problems by having problems and learning from those experiences.

The most successful people in the world, are those who have "failed" the most. They are those who have had the most problems, obstacles and adversity to deal with. They are those who have the most "experience", with experience being defined as having problems, obstacles and adversity and learning from those experiences.

In reality, what happens is people who want to succeed make a "plan". When there is the slightest "hiccup" in the plan, when there is a roadblock, a detour, a setback, an obstacle, a problem, some kind of adversity, or when things don't work out as anticipated, the "failure" gives up.

Mike Tyson, the great Heavyweight Boxing Champion was asked how he was going to deal with his next opponent, who was said to have the perfect plan to beat him. Undefeated "Iron Mike" replied, " Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face." Tyson went on to knock out the "feared" opponent in the first round.

In life, failures have a plan, until they get punched in the face.

Winners get punched in the face too.

They get punched in the stomach.

They get kicked while they are down -

And a lot worse.

Winners face adversity, challenges, obstacles, problems, setbacks, disasters, lawsuits, temporary defeats, ridicule, abuse, attacks, fierce competition, disloyalty, gossip, backstabbing, people talking bad about them and spreading lies, and massive pushback.

But winners never quit because they know that quitters never win.

Winners have an attitude that "It ain't over until I win".

Stop whining about the adversity you have in your life. Stop having your "pity parties". Stop crying over spilled milk. 

Most importantly, stop making excuses and cure yourself of excusitis, it is the failure disease.

Remember, those who are good at making excuses are usually not very good at anything else.

When faced with the inevitable adversity that will come, adapt, improvise and overcome.

But don't resist adversity. What you resist persists. Don't push back against adversity. It will push even harder. Don't be "against" adversity. What you are "against" grows. Don't fear adversity and all it's cousins. What you fear will come upon you.

Simply be like a master martial artist, and allow the adversity to exhaust itself of all of its power and simply step out of the way and let it go by, and evaporate. 

Keep your eye on the dream, stop looking at the crap you are dealing with. What you focus on will grow.

You can do it!

Much love,