Overcoming Sadness

Simply Know That YOU Are NOT Your feelings

Everyone on earth from time to time feels sad. When you feel low, blue, or “depressed”, it sucks!


Or does it?

Consider this.

You go to a movie. It is an excellent movie about a man and his wife who die in a car crash and leave their 5 young children who get separated and sent to various foster homes. Horrible things happen to the kids.

The movie is “depressing” and makes you feel “sad”.

When you walk out of the theater, you are smiling and feeling good because the movie was so good it REALLY made you feel “terrible”!

Think about this.

In life, certain events, circumstances, situations and people can “make” you feel “terrible”.

And sometimes, it seems like everything is going very well in your life, but for no apparent reason at all you still feel “terrible” (low, depressed, sad).

This happens to everyone.

When it does, I encourage you to simply embrace those feelings fully. Accept them. Do not resist them. Let them flow through you and feel them totally. “Enjoy” the “terrible” feelings as you do when experiencing them while watching a movie.

They are just feelings.

Don’t hate them.

Don’t run away from them.

Simply know that YOU are NOT your feelings. Come to that realization.

Then, simply breath very deeply in and out, smile, and let those feelings go.

Allow them to release.

Stop “holding on” to those feelings.

Stop resisting those feelings and emotions.

Don’t judge, criticize or condemn your emotions and feelings.

We are all “human”, so we all have feelings and emotions.

Do not resist what IS.

Acknowledge what IS.

Accept what IS.

Embrace what IS.

Then let it go and release it.

Surrender it all to the Universe (God).

When you do, as the holy saints and sages have said for thousands of years, and I can attest from personal experience, you will attain the inner peace that surpasses all human comprehension and understanding.

Much love,

Your friend,