People Skills

Those Who “Have A Way” With People Generally Do Better In Life

Those who “have a way” with people generally do better in life. 

Those who are “good with people” generally do better at their jobs, get more promotions and make more money.

Those who make friends easily and are comfortable socially, are happier and healthier. 

Those who say “I am generally a people person”, generally are more successful in every field of endeavor.

There is great value to being able to “win friends, and influence people”. If people instantly like you when they meet you, you have an advantage in life. If people respect you, listen to you, and want to be around you, you then have “people on your side”, which makes life much easier and much more fun. You gain innumerous benefits in all areas of your life, if you have confidence and power when dealing with people. 

There are several little books that are very easy to read that teach you the methods and techniques that can increase your ability to deal with people in a comfortable, likeable way. These books will make you so much more confident when dealing with people, and much more comfortable when interacting with others.

I highly encourage you read these books starting today! 

Skill With People by Les Giblin. Over 10 million copies sold. You can read this little book in less than an hour. Powerful.

The Art of Dealing with People by Les Giblin. A little more detailed and in-depth than his book, Skill with People. Fantastic. Still short and concise. Power packed.

How to have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People by Les Giblin. The “Master Class” on people skills. Over 1 million copies sold. 

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. The “Bible” on people skills. 

All these books are fast and easy to read. They are packed with easy to apply methods and techniques that you can start using from the very first day you start reading the books. You will see instant results. 

I strongly encourage you to read all the above books in the order listed. In fact, consider reading them more than once. After you read them all, a few months later, read them all again. Maybe, after you have read them all, go back and read a page or 2 from these books every day, to keep the methods fresh in your mind so you can turn them all into habits that will positively impact your life in so many wonderful ways. 

I gave these books recently to some doctors, lawyers, construction workers and other people of various backgrounds. Every single person I gave the books to said they were the greatest books they ever read. They were amazed at what they learned. They were shocked that they could so easily apply the techniques and how it made people like them so much more. 

Some of these people were very shy and introverted. Each of them had an increase in their confidence when dealing with people and became much more at ease and comfortable with people.

Each person said they wished they had these books when they were “first starting off in life”. They each vowed to make sure their spouses, kids, grandkids, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews and every person they cared about got these books and read these books. That is how impactful the books were. 

In life, we all deal with other people. We all have “relationships” with others such as family members, neighbors, friends, coworkers, bosses, and those who report to us at work. Then there are all the other people we deal with on a regular basis from clerks at the stores we shop at, to repair men, to our kids’ teachers. 

Developing a “pleasing personality” that gets people to like you, listen to you, and respect you, simply gives you advantages in all areas of your life. 

Even if you think you will never be a “people person”, an “extrovert”, or “the life of the party”, you CAN improve your people skills and you CAN become much more confident and comfortable when dealing with people, if you just know HOW.

Read these books and apply what you learn. 

You WILL see magnificent results. 

People WILL like you more than ever before. 

You WILL win friends and influence people easier than ever before.  

And you WILL feel so much better about yourself. 

Smile, and the world smiles back at you.

Much love,