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Over the next few years, it is my “desire” to have many great wonderful things manifest for the benefit of all of you. 

You can read all about the “Vision” and the “Dreams” of things to come at GuruKev.com and NuggetsofGold.com.

Remember, reality first starts with a Dream!

This “Vision” includes the desire to build (or expand) a “Club” having members all over the world.

It also includes the building of a magnificent “Club Ocean Liner”. A SHIP that will be big enough for over 4000 passengers and be constantly travelling around the world. 

This “Club Cruise Ship”, called Freedom, with be a virtual floating Clubhouse and similar to a Luxury 5 Star World Class Resort. This Ship will be ONE OF A KIND…The most unique and magnificent vessel on the seas (estimated cost to build: $1.5 Billion USD).

On the ship will be an area for “Residences” where Club members can buy a “Cabin/Home” to live full time, part time or have for vacations. It can also produce rental income when the owner is not “in residence” (like a second home or vacation home).

This Club “Flag Ship” will also be my main residence. 

A “hotel” with luxurious cabins will also be part of the ship so that members can come and enjoy a vacation on the most magnificent “Luxury Cruise Ship” ever built. 

Members will also be allowed to purchase “fractional ownership” in “Cabins/Homes” as well. This way a member can have 1 week or more on the ship “locked in” every year for “life” and get to cruise on the ship for a tiny fraction of normal commercial cruise rates on the major cruise lines. 

The SHIP will be circumnavigating the globe and staying in exotic ports for up to 3 weeks at a time so that passengers can explore the beauty of cultures in various locations at a leisurely pace.

As a “Floating Clubhouse”, members in The CLUB will be allowed to come on board with their guests, when the ship is in port. “Members Only” meetings, workshops, seminars, and trainings will be held on the ship. The SHIP will also host “Open Houses” which will include World Class entertainment and Seminars/Lectures, so that potential members can come aboard and see what The Club is all about.

The Ship will have the finest restaurants, spa, a “Natural Cures Health and Anti-Aging Clinic”, world class gym and fitness areas, the largest theater/showroom ever built on a cruise ship, and much more. It will be a Utopian society, a virtual living paradise filled with happy, loving people from all over the world.

All new members will be invited to be on the ship for “New Member Orientation” Cruises free of charge. 

Only Members will be allowed to live on the ship full or part time, work on the ship full or part time as crew, go on the ship for days or weeks at a time to study, learn, and take “Ship Only” training classes taught personally by me, or for relaxing “clean healthy fun” vacations with like-minded people. It will be exciting to know that every passenger on the ship and every crew member is also a “Club” member. The feeling on the ship will be one of “Family” with passengers and crew feeling that same way toward one another.

What a spectacular environment to live, work or vacation. “Freedom” will offer to members “A Better Life”. 

There is much, much more to this dream. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In order to make all the “Dreams” realities (including the writing of several new books and courses, relaunching my Radio Show and podcasts, establishing and building a “Land Based Headquarters, Community, and Retreat” exclusively for Club Members, and many other projects), I will need a team of dedicated people who share the same Vision as I do, have the same passion that I do, and are willing to devote 100% of their time to making all these dreams come true, as I am. 

This fully committed “Mastermind Group” or “Team Alpha” (Team ONE)  will consist of people who will be my personal private staff. The team will live with me, work directly with me, travel with me, and be 100% focused on accomplishing the “Mission” of serving humanity by bettering the lives of people all around the world. 

Being on Team Alpha is more than “full time” service to humanity, this is “All the Time” service to humanity while you are a member of this exclusive group. Thus, only a “Few” will be drawn to apply to be a staff member on this highly selective and unique “Team Alpha” mastermind.

Team Alpha will work directly with me and for me, side by side, together working to make the “Dreams” actually “happen”. 

Being on “Team Alpha” is not for someone with a mild interest. It is certainly not for everyone. Team members will be those few rare people who, once hearing about this, “Know” this is their calling, their mission, and their purpose. It is for people who are ready to be “ALL IN”.

Here is the most exciting part. While working together, you will also be “trained”, taught, and coached by me personally, together as a group, and one on one. You will receive the highest and most advanced training available. This training will be delivered to you first, before anyone else in the world. Team members will be the most fully trained members in the Club, and in some instances get exclusive training that will not be delivered to the general membership.

This training will make you a master of manifesting your desires, and attaining inner states of total emotional and spiritual freedom. You will attain complete “Liberation” and become a true “Master”.

For the right person, this is a dream come true, a once in a lifetime opportunity

Some of you right now are probably already bouncing off the walls with excitement and enthusiasm. Some of you will have a very hard time sleeping tonight thinking “This is too good to be true!”

Well, it is true.

We will also establish the “Volunteer Service Corps” (VSC). 

This will be for people who still want to work with me personally, be a part of the mission, and who share my vision.  But perhaps they have families or have other reasons and responsibilities as to why they who do not want to have a 100% all-consuming life working on the manifesting of the “Dream”. 

These people still want to be a major part of making the Dream happen, but would rather prefer to have a more “normal life”, work only normal full time or part time hours, and who get to “go home after work” to be with their family and friends. 

If you are interested in getting more information on either of these opportunities, please send a letter to my assistant Tonya at –  

Tonya Canada

P.O. Box 1043

Snyder, TX 79550

Give us your name, mailing address, email address, your age, and a very short list of the skills you currently have (such as: trained chef; electrician; writer; computer programmer; etc). Include a photo. Tell us anything else you think would be helpful, such as the level of training you have completed in The Success Mastery Course, what lesson you are on in The Science of Personal Mastery Course, or what other kinds of personal growth, success or spiritual training you have done. Maybe tell us about the various books you have read or audio courses you have listened to, etc. 

However, be BRIEF. If you send me a letter that will take 30 minutes to read, you probably won’t get much attention! I only have so much time in the day! BREVITY is a key! 

If you have any questions, please list them as well. 

Your letter should be typed.

I will personally respond to everyone who writes me. We will send you more detailed information so you have all the facts and details. This way you can decide if this is something you would like to investigate further. 

Your first step is to get all the facts and get all your questions answered about the “job”, “working and living conditions”, and the “Vision and Mission”. This way you can determine if this is something you really want to be considered for and feel led to pursue.

First get all your questions answered, and get all the facts. Then, after reviewing everything, if YOU decide “YES! I definitely want to be considered”, and you get a 100% “green light” from your inner voice saying that this is something you have a real burning desire for, THEN we can take the next steps to see if this is truly a good fit for you and us.

We anticipate hundreds or even thousands of people from around the world highly desiring to be on these teams. 

I am sure many young people who are true “Go Getters” like Mr. Peck in the book, The Go Getter, will be jumping on this opportunity of a lifetime.

We only want people who have a burning desire to be on Team Alpha or part of the VSC, and who would have gotten the blue vase as described in the book The Go Getter! Thus we only want GO GETTERS! If you have not read The Go Getter, I suggest you do.

Please be patient with our responses. We anticipate engaging in this process for many months before “interviews” will be set and people will be offered to join the teams. We are starting the process now, even though it could be well over a year before anyone is “offered” one of these volunteer “selfless service” (SEVA)  positions.

That recruitment process includes: 

1.) Candidates getting all the information about the opportunity, getting all their questions answered, and deciding if they have a burning desire to be on one of the teams and be considered. 

2.)”Testing” the candidates, with such programs as CliftonStrengths assessments and other such tools. Then determining who we will consider offering Membership in the Volunteer Service Corps (VSC) or Team Alpha (TA). This will be based on multiple factors including competence, experience, expertise in various areas that are needed, the candidate’s burning desire level and intensity to be on the team, and other considerations.

Anyone of any age will be considered. Do not think you are too young or too old. In fact, history has proven that young people have the most energy and drive, learn the fastest and bring wonderful youthful exuberance to such “mission oriented” endeavors. 

Older people bring maturity, stability, wisdom and experience that is so needed when groups of passionate motivated and inspired people get together to “Make a Dream Come True” that is bigger than themselves and is for the betterment of people everywhere.

This may obviously not be for you, as it is an opportunity that will resonate and be a fit for only “The Few”.

Therefore, feel free to tell someone you think might look at this opportunity as a dream come true.

I look forward to reading your letters.

Much love, your friend, 


4 thoughts on “Position Available

  1. Wow Kevin Trudeau.

    I am Grateful for your Leadership, Strength of Character , Passion and Mission.

    You’ve helped me that is for sure. Over 10 years ago I heard your wish is your command and joined The Global Information Network.

    Today I am Smarter, Better Looking, More Confident, Have Faith In GOD, Better in Every Aspect of my Life Barr None. Electrician, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and more already,
    I’ve lost 80 pounds, Dated Beautiful Women, Met Astonishing People and the list goes on.

    I believe in the afterlife and thank GOD everyday for people like you, who are the way and blaze a trail easy to follow.

    Much Love Friend,

    Grant Timmers

  2. It’s 3:05 AM where I am right now in New York, I was going through all my notes and preparing myself for this new beautiful week to come.

    I’ve been up for so long cause the vibrational frequencies that I was receiving from “Mastering the Success Mastery course “ had my brain WIRED & EXCITED

    But I’ve been feeling like this for the past 2 Months since LISTENING to KT CONSISTENTLY.
    So as I’m bouncing around and all through out KTs platform I STUMBLE ACROSS THIS POST AND A NEW WAVE OF ENERGY HITS ME LIKE A TON OF BRICK…. and I know this opportunity is in the sweet spot

  3. I cannot wait for all of this to come into physical reality. As we enter the Age of Aquarius, this isn’t so far fetched anymore. Now, manifesting is easier & faster. I see this coming into fruition in 2021 for sure.
    Thank you Kevin for all that u do!

    Much love,

  4. Hi,
    Sabrina Barnett here. I bought one of your books! A truth seeker… respect. When I heard what happened to you it hurt my heart. I don’t know you but I am extremely in tune and aware of energy. I hope you are as well as well can be given your situation. I am very interested in working with you.

    I understand your mission and have a deep passion to help humanity heal.

    I would like to meet you. Sending prayers and kindness Sabrina

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