The Magic Is Being Able To Turn What Appears To Be Negative Into A Positive With Simply A Change In Perspective

Many people want to know if special "powers'' can be attained by doing certain mental or spiritual "practices". Yes. Psychic powers, ESP and all kinds supernatural and supernatural phenomenons like that are released when the "Kundalini" energy at the base of your spine is awakened and begins to move within you.

Seeing into the past and future, being omnipresent, being able to read people thoughts and have total knowingness, and many more, are just some of the "powers" of "Masters".

The fastest and easiest way to get the kundalini energy brought to life is to be initiated by a Master who:

1.) has that power fully awake within him

2.) has the gift of transference of that power to an initiate, thus awakening the power within them.

These Masters are rare indeed.

When you are led to one, be thankful, as your "prayers" have been answered.

Much love,