Process for Manifesting What
You Want

Here Is A Process That You Can Use That Will Help Manifest What
You Want In Your Life

Here is a process that you can use that will help manifest what you want in your life.
1.) Write down on a piece of paper all the things you “Like/Love” (such as playing the piano; sunsets; vacations; eating delicious food; playing with your kids; fishing; feeling fulfilled and happy etc)
2.) Write down all the things you are “Good at Doing” (maybe you might say: gardening; cooking; decorating; putting on parties; writing reports; doing accounting; playing the piano; conversation; being a friend etc)
3.) Write down your “Ideal Scene” (how you would like things to be if they were exactly as you wanted) for your:
Financial situation
Relationship(s) (This should include spouse; kids; friends etc.)
Spiritual life and emotions (how you feel on the inside)
Your lifestyle (how you live your life each day)
After you are done, throw the lists away (or if you really want to, you can keep them).
Do this process again the next day.
Do this ideally daily for 30 days in a row and watch the magic happen.
At any point in the process, you can ask people that you know what THEY think YOU are good at doing to give you some insight.
As you write down your ideal scene, what you want to happen is that you start figuring out that your best “job” or the best way to make money is doing something that is both something you are good at doing and something you LOVE doing. You want to be “doing” for “work” or in life a blend of what you are good at doing and what you love to do.
This process will help you to start clarifying what you really want.
When you write your ideal scene you will also notice where your fears are.
Remember, when you do this process focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.
Enjoy this fun and extremely powerful process.
You will never be the same.