Proof You Are Not Just Your Body

Having This Knowledge Will Make Your Experience In This Life Richer, More Fulfilling, And Give You A Sense Of Wholeness And Completeness That You May Not Have Felt Before.

Are you only a "body"?

When the body dies, is it all over?

Neuroscientists and neurosurgeons say the brain is all there is. "Consciousness" and all spirituality comes from the brain. When the brain dies there is no longer any "consciousness", awareness or knowingness. They claim that all the people who "die" and come back to talk about "the other side", "life after life", the spiritual dimension, or "heaven" are simply having experiences created by the brain and the chemical reactions that occur during these "near death experiences".

One such Harvard neurosurgeon was completely convinced of this line of thought. That is until he went into a coma, and for 7 days his "brain" was "dead", completely non-functioning. Yet, he came out of his coma and said that "he" never died. "He", as consciousness, simply transitioned to "other dimensions". Basically, he said, he went to "heaven". His story is unique and extraordinary. It gives empirical proof beyond any doubt that you are an extension of pure love and the One "Source" or consciousness that is all things. His book, a #1 NY Times bestseller, Proof of Heaven is a must-read. I read it in a few hours. Read this book and all fear of death will leave you.

The other book on this subject I have recommended is called Dying to Be Me, also by an MD who "died" and came back to tell about the "other side". This is also an excellent book and a very quick and easy read. These books provide evidence from the "scientific mind", that what has been written in spiritual texts for thousands of years about the true nature of reality is all true. Having this knowledge will make your experience in this life richer, more fulfilling, and give you a sense of wholeness and completeness that you may not have felt before.

Much love, as we are all completely "connected".