Reaching Higher States

What You Want, What You Desire, Your Goals Must FIRST Be In The SPIRITUAL REALM, BEFORE They Can Manifest In The Physical Realm

Reaching "higher states of awareness or consciousness" means nothing to most people.

Let's rephrase it then. How about this:

"Becoming brighter, more alert, lighthearted, more cheerful, happier, joyous, loving, mentally quicker, and more able to handle and confront everything in life with grace, ease, and almost effortlessly. Being able to pleasantly create the life you want and desire. Having an inner sense of peace, acceptance, understanding, confidence, total certainty, fulfillment, and complete, all-encompassing satisfaction. Bathing in the feelings of non-stop appreciation, gratitude, and thankfulness."

Who wouldn't want THAT? :) 

THAT is what a HIGH state of awareness or consciousness IS. 

It is experiencing, not just knowing about, but actually KNOWING by EXPERIENCE, that there is ONE Universal Consciousness or Energy, out of which EVERYTHING is manifested.

Everything starts on the spiritual plane and THEN manifests into the physical plane. 

Ancient texts such as the Veda's, the I Ching, The Teachings of the Tao, Kabala, Talmud, Sufi Mysticism, The Zohar, and many more teach such things.

Most people do NOT know that the Old and New Testaments of the Bible ALSO teach these things. 

In Ancient Jewish texts (that are also part of Christianity), for example, it is written:

"Angels in heaven say, 'The Bible is a teaching of mystical abstractions that reveals the inner workings of the cosmos and allows the readers certain knowledge so that they can bond with The ONE essential force that is ALL THINGS.

Humans can then learn how to transcend their corporeal bounds through the efforts of MEDITATION, FASTING, and PRAYER. Therefore, with this knowledge, humans can rise to OUR (the Angels) spiritual plane, have complete KNOWINGNESS from THIS nonphysical viewpoint, and thus partake in their human life in much more wonderful and pleasant ways."


The Angels also say, "We (the Angels), all know that everything that exists in the material realm, FIRST must exist in the spiritual realm, just as audible speech FIRST must exist as thoughts within the mind." 

Think about this. What you want, what you desire, your goals must FIRST be in the SPIRITUAL REALM, BEFORE they can manifest in the physical realm. 

This is said in so many different ways from ancient texts all over the world, such as "As within, so without".

And in these Ancient Jewish texts, the Angels in Heaven go on to say, "The life force or source of all life comes from the spiritual realm. Everything is simply an extension of this ONE All-that-IS life force. IT is the one and only SOURCE of everything. That oak tree on the hill on that small island, the squirrel that lives inside that tree, the rock at the bottom of the Sea, all is given life from us as we are simply an extension of the ONE life force, the SOURCE. Even the inanimate blades of grass, to the wild and domesticated animals, and also to mankind.

All the forces of nature and all its' elements, earth, water, air, and fire, all are but mere reflections of our sublime intellects in their state of being here above. Every nuance of every wave of the sea, every bristle of leaves in the wind, all of it, everything, starts HERE in the spiritual realm FIRST.

The man simply does not know that God gave him the power to put into the spiritual realm, whatever he desires, and it then must, in time, manifest in his physical world." 

Things to think about. Perhaps working on "reaching a higher state of awareness and consciousness" has some very tangible value and benefits. :)

See you at the TOP! –