Reading Books With Discernment

All Reading Is Beneficial, Especially When You Challenge What Is Read With Your Own Knowledge And Understanding Of The “Truth” As It Is How It Really Works

I am rereading all my personal “basic training” books I got from my “uncle” over 30 years ago! 

Before I started reading the books, I was taught the “truth” about vibrations and how “it works”. 

Then I was told to read the books knowing that they are being influenced by a man’s ideas and perceptions of the truth and may not BE the truth. They are going through a person’s “filter”… so read with discernment.

Read, knowing what is really true, and knowing how it works. 


For you, that means… 

Read Ask and it is Given and the other Abraham books, so you know the truth (or listen to the Success Mastery Course, Your Wish Is Your Command, and the Science of Personal Mastery Course, all available at
THEN read the other books and WOW, you will see what I am talking about!

I am reading Og Mandino’s books…  Amazing! I forgot all about his books! I read them almost 35 years ago!!
I am rereading Psycho-Cybernetics, The Magic of Believing, The Power of Positive Thinking, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, The Magic of Thinking Big, and others too, like, Man’s Search for Meaning.
I am SOOOO loving it!!

You need to read EVERYDAY – with discernment. All reading is beneficial, especially when you challenge what is read with your own knowledge and understanding of the “truth” as it is how it really works! The more good stuff you put into your mind, on a regular basis, the faster all your dreams come to pass.

Og Mandino points out, the true secret is having positive success habits and being a SLAVE to them! This is unconscious competence! 

READ the books!! Internalize the material and “know” it! 

All your dreams can and will come true! 

Much love,