Your “Job” Is NOT To Try To Manifest A Particular Person But Rather A Certain KIND Of Relationship

Relationships, especially romantic ones, are very complicated. 
The bottom line is this.

Romantic relationships are karmic, meaning that people will come into our lives and establish romantic relationships based on previous karma (past lives). Many if not most people will experience many romantic relationships. Most will be temporary. This is also “karmic”, meaning that the relationship is destined to happen but also destined to end. 

Your “job” is NOT to try to manifest a particular person but rather a certain KIND of relationship. 

You must decide what you want in a partner and how you want to feel with that partner.

You must also decide what you want your partner to feel when he is with you and what kind of partner YOU will be. 
You must think of yourself AND the other person’s needs in visualizing the relationship you desire.

When a relationship goes through challenges, your “job” is to not be attached to the outcome and work on not allowing others to dictate how you feel. BE love and understanding. Your responses to the challenges will help make the NEXT relationship better. You also get to experience “contrast” and fine-tune what you want in a future partner. 

The KEY, however, is working on dissolving the “ego”. The ego is the mechanism that makes you “need” or “want” to feel loved, adored, needed, wanted, appreciated, liked, respected etc. When you don’t need a partner to make you feel these and other “needs”, you will attract the relationship that is balanced and secure.

So, although it may be hard, you must work on getting to a place where you do not NEED ANY relationship and you are perfectly happy and content. 

Much love,