Riches & Peace

Explaining The Secrets To Making Money Is Easy. Explaining The Secrets Of Eternal Bliss And Of The Universe Is Impossible

Explaining the secrets to making money is easy. Explaining the secrets of eternal bliss and of the Universe is impossible. 

One must "experience" first hand, the sense of "oneness" and connectedness. Many people can teach you how to make money, or attract a better job, or manifest some material thing you want or desire. I have told many people "how to make a fortune". Several people actually did what I said, and they all made a fortune. 

One of my students now owns an international company that he started from scratch just a few years ago, that is doing hundreds of millions of Euros in annual business. He is a multimillionaire on his way to even greater riches. 

Yes, I teach people how to make money. But only so they will perhaps be open to learning how to be eternally blissful. 

One cannot explain this supreme inner peace, joy, and the ultimate feeling of love, contentment, and satisfaction. This is a sense of wholeness and oneness that surpasses all human understanding. But you CAN experience it. 

When you meet someone who has attained this state, their essence can touch you, and awaken within you what has been sleeping. Get rich if that is your desire. Enjoy sense pleasures of this life. But, as all the ancient holy works say in so many different ways "seek first inner peace, and everything else will be added on in your life". 

See you at the TOP!