Romantic Relationships

“God, I Want To Be In A Happy Blessed Relationship With The Perfect Person For Me. I Want To Be The Perfect Person For THEM, And I Want BOTH OF US To Be Blissfully Happy Together.”

What is your advice on relationships? I’m struggling to find passion in a current relationship. We have been off lately. I feel like every time I get into a relationship the same thing happens. I get bored and I need to move on. If your partner doesn’t support what you’re doing, is it better to get out of the situation and have some space to build a better person? I want to learn more, I want to be proficient. I want to be happy and loved and free!! Is there something you recommend for me/us? You are always so knowledgeable. Please help. Thank you so much for everything you do! 

Ahhhhh. Relationships. The most asked questions are always about relationships and money. And most money questions are from men who think that lots of money will help get them the relationship they seek. So even those “money questions” are really about relationships! LOL

People come together into relationships because of karma. When the karma between them is done, then the relationship is done. It is really that simple. So, do not feel bad ending relationships. Most come to an end. Some are for life. 

Each relationship allows us to clarify what we want. If we don’t, then another relationship will manifest and bring up the same karma. So look at your relationships in the past in a positive loving way. Always send love and appreciation to past lovers, even if you hated them at the time of the breakup. Look at the past relationships and ask “what am I really looking for in a mate”. Write those things down. Really do this and be specific. As you do, you will notice that most of the things you write down are things you “in the past thought you wanted” and now it is just a habit. Do you really want those things? Do you “need those things?” What do you REALLY want in a person? Get to the “core” want or wants. 

THEN, ask this question. What do I want to GIVE to that person? Write those things down. Ask it another way, “What kind of person do I want to be for my mate?” Write those things down. 

Most people ask “god” this way: “God, send to me the perfect mate for me.” That is only half the prayer. Your prayer should be something like this: “God, I want to be in a happy blessed relationship with the perfect person for me. I want to be the perfect person for THEM, and I want BOTH OF US to be blissfully happy together.” THIS will set the energy right. 

A good book that both of you can read is Intimate Communion by David Deida.
He can read The Way of the Superior Man by Deida.
And of course the great book Men are From Mars Women are from Venus by John Grey is excellent as well. 

Additionally, I suggest you get the audios of “The Sedona Method” for relationships. You can get a used set very cheap. EXCELLENT.

Sending you lots of love,