Secret To Happiness

When You Never Have A Sense Of Loss You Are Always Happy

There is a secret to happiness. One time, Buddha was sitting with a few of his followers under a tree. They owned nothing and had nothing, yet they were always happy. 

A man came up to them crying and was very sad and upset. He said his 10 cows ran away and he could not find them. He asked if they had seen any cows. Buddha said they did not see any cows. The man got more upset and became very depressed. 

He said if he did not find his cows, he would probably kill himself, and with that, the man went on his way. Buddha said to his followers "We have just discovered the secret to happiness. Do not own any cows." 

There are many lessons from this story. The main lesson is the key to happiness is not being attached to anything. Do not be attached to things, status, position, your job, your opinion, outcomes, etc. When you are attached to things, and they "leave", are taken away, or you lose them you have a sense of "loss". When you never have a sense of loss you are always happy. All is always perfect. 

Much love,