Secret To Making Your Life Better Instantly

The World Is A Mirror Reflecting Your Feelings And Thoughts (Which Are Your Vibrations And Frequencies)

Here is a secret that will make your life better. Whatever you see in others, is really what you see in yourself. If you see others as being mean and nasty, that is how you, deep down, see yourself. If you think others are loving and kind (and you feel good about that and not jealous), then that is how you feel about yourself. 

Life is a mirror. You see yourself everywhere, in every person, and in every situation. Think about this today as you go throughout your day. As you do, you will confront TRUTH. Confronting TRUTH will set you free! That is the meaning of the spiritual quote, "The TRUTH will set you free." 

The world is a mirror reflecting your feelings and thoughts (which are your vibrations and frequencies). With all this in mind, know that when others say bad things about YOU, they are really saying what they feel about themselves. Therefore, do not hate them, but love them and feel compassion for them.

Think about this every day. Do this every day. Make this a habit. If you do, YOUR life will improve in every way. 

This is a secret of the "Masters".

Much love,