See Perfection In The Imperfection

This Is About The Story Of A Man Named Lee, In Ancient China. Everything Happens For A Reason

A crooked ugly tree is still "perfect". It is the "perfect" crooked ugly tree.
When "bad" things happen, they are the "perfect" bad things.
Think about the story of a man named Lee, in ancient China.
The fence to his corral came loose in a storm and his only horse ran away.
His friends came to console him. It was his only horse. Now Lee had nothing.
His friends said, "Lee, we are sorry for the bad news about your horse".
Lee smiled calmly and said, "Maybe bad, maybe not".

The next day, the horse came back. But with 8 other wild horses!
Now Lee had 9 horses...
His friends came and said "Lee, you are so lucky. You have become rich."
Lee said, "Maybe lucky, maybe not".

The next week Lee's son was riding one of the wild horses trying to "break" him. The wild horse threw Lee's son off him and the boy broke his leg.
Lee's friends came and said, "Lee, it is bad that your son broke his leg".
Lee said, "Maybe bad, maybe not".

The next day, the army came to the village and took all the young men, forcing them into the army and forcing them to go into battle. They did not take Lee's son because of his broken leg.
Lee's friends came and said, "Lee, you are so lucky that your son was not taken by the army, as all our sons are sure to be killed in battle."
Lee said, "maybe I am lucky, maybe not".

The story never ends.
Everything happens for a reason. Everything flows in life. There are times to plant seeds. There are times to harvest. There are times to rest, and times to work. There are times to be happy, and there will be time to be sad. There are times when you need a shoulder to cry on, and there are times when you will provide the shoulder to cry on. This is life.

Much Love,