Self Image #1

We ALL Are Different And We Can Learn From And Benefit From Everyone We Meet. When You Believe In Yourself… The World Is YOURS!

Someone wrote me and said, “Your roommate is so lucky to have YOU as a roommate.”

I never thought about that… all I thought was how lucky I was to have HIM as a roommate! Think about that!

You see, people are ALL different. No 2 people are the same. We ALL are different and we can learn from and benefit from everyone we meet.

More important is the fact that we are all very much the same. The fact is, people are more the same than we are different… the more we get to know people of all different types, the more we learn about “people” and the more we see we are all really the same.

This is the key to our self-image. We begin to see that WE are just as “good” as the most successful person we can think of.

When you believe in yourself… the world is YOURS!