Seven Minutes Fast

Focusing On The Future To Manifest Massive Amounts Of Material Wealth But Losing Love And Happiness In Return

Here is a secret that almost every billionaire uses. The mega rich set their clocks ahead a few minutes, usually between 5 and 10, with most at 7. 

The super-rich do not live in present time. They are rarely in the moment. Mostly they live in the future.

This leads to massive creative and manifesting ability, but also leads to misery, suffering, feelings of separation, aloneness, unfulfillment, dissatisfaction, discontentment, restlessness, unease, anxiety, unhappiness, sadness, depression, anger and many other “negative” emotions. 

This method creates a feeling of longing, needing, emptiness, searching, wanting, desiring, greed, envy, and more. If you dare, try it. But just like trying crack cocaine one time, you might get addicted and live in misery until you are “saved”. 

I suggest you live in the moment, embrace the moment, live in the present. You might not become a billionaire, but you WILL be much happier and fulfilled. 

Your friend,