Silver Lining

Learn To Love Problems, There Is A Corresponding Advantage That Comes Out Of Life's Challenges

Know that life is what you make of it. Life is as you choose to see it. Happy people see the silver lining in everything. Cheerful people take life lightly and not too seriously. Focus on being cheerful, lighthearted and not too serious. Smile every day. Laugh every day.

Look for and find the gold in everything. When people dig for gold, they move tons of dirt to find a few ounces of gold. But they are not looking for the dirt, they are looking for the gold. In life, you might have to move lots of dirt to find the gold in a situation, event, circumstance or person.

Don't focus on the dirt, just move it out of the way. Look for, find, and focus on the gold! Life will then give you more gold to find!

Smile, you are loved!