Six Steps

Six Key Principles One Must Adhere To In Order To Achieve Success

There is a Success Formula that never fails.

Researchers have examined hundreds of thousands of highly successful people. 

These people lived during the last 150 years and are from all over the world.

Six common denominators were discovered. 

These 6 factors were prevalent in all these highly successful people.

If you apply them, you will increase your success rate in every endeavor. 

1.) They knew exactly what they wanted, with amazing clarity and specificity. It was always a single goal. They had singleness of purpose.

2.) They made an absolute 100% decision and commitment that they were going to get their goal, and that nothing was going to stop them. They became unstoppable. They were determined. They released their relentless perseverance. 

3.) They were willing to DO whatever it took to achieve their goal. Nothing was too hard. No work or activity was beneath them. No sacrifice was too big. No obstacle too great. No mountain too high.

4.) They were willing to put in the effort and do the work for however long it would take, no matter how long it would take. Time was not an issue. 

5.) They had a total and complete Magnificent Obsession with attaining the ONE thing they were wanting, and nothing else. They were totally focused on attaining this ONE THING exclusively. They had a burning overwhelming desire to attain their dream. They thought about attaining their dream all the time. They saw themselves in possession of their goal. They were consumed with attaining their desire. They knew that one person with a commitment can achieve more than 1000 people with an interest. But one person with a Magnificent Obsession can do anything!

6.) They all took massive and immediate CONTINUOUS action steps that would bring them closer to attaining their desire. Every day, they did some actions that would make their dream come true. 
If you notice, the first 5 steps are “attitudes”. They are a way of thinking, a thought process. They are mental activities that create vibrations and frequencies that attract into your life what you desire. 

The 6th step is where the rubber meets the road. 

When you have a dream or desire, that “spark” of inspiration must be turned into a flame which must then be turned into a raging out of control inferno! When you are on FIRE, people will come from all around just to watch you burn!

You achieve this inner “FIRE”  by IMMEDIATELY taking SOME kind of action within hours of your inspiration. Then CONTINUOUSLY continue to take action steps, perhaps every hour, but at least every day. 

Massive immediate and continuous action, doing things to make your dreams come true, is a missing element for the majority of people. 

“DO it NOW” is the motto of the achiever.

“Let’s wait until tomorrow” is the motto of the failure.

“Let’s get fired up” is the chant of the winner.

“Let’s not get too excited” is the whine of the loser.

Success comes from doing the right things long enough consistently.

Lastly, it is interesting to note that the researchers pointed out that all these highly successful people dealt
with astonishing criticism and ridicule. 

They were laughed at because their “dreams” were unrealistic. 

People actually “wanted” them to fail, they were hoping that they would fail. 

“Dream stealers” and “Negative Nancy’s” were all around them. 

Very few people saw the potential that the “Dreamers” did. Few could see the Vision. 

Most thought the “Vision” was impossible to achieve and nothing more than a “Pipe Dream”.

Highly successful people however, saw what other people could not see. Highly successful people saw potential where others saw nothing.

Highly successful people were Visionaries and could SEE what others were unable to even imagine.

They had FAITH and BELIEF in themselves and their dream.

They KNEW that if their minds could conceive it, then their minds could achieve it!

They never let ANYONE steal their dream!

They were never susceptible to the negative influence of other people.

When you do all the 6 steps, one other thing automatically happens. The Universe will put into your life other people who have the same dream and are also committed to achieve it. 

These people will all have different skills, abilities and networks of people. This will turn into a “Mastermind” group of people that will produce “Coordinated Effort” and make the dream a reality.

With these factors in mind, remember, what one person has done, YOU can do also. 

Apply these techniques, do the action steps and dream big dreams, and I know I WILL see YOU at the TOP!