SPMC Teachings Correlate To Physical And Mental Reality.
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Question Sent to GuruKev:

Today I see that I have at times an ambivalence between the concepts taught in the SMC and in the SPMC.

For example, to manifest what you want, you have to think about it all the time, go after it, fight for it, do whatever it takes (SMC).

And, to manifest what you want, ask once, then feel good and be grateful (SPMC).

I feel more lightness in the SPMC. It’s as if the SPMC is addressed to my soul, while the SMC is addressed to my mind.

What is your opinion about that ?

My other question is, when I follow the SMC teachings I find it easier to manage; I start to want things and it’s easy to focus and go after my goal.

But quickly I ask myself, what good is it, why do I want it?

In contrast, the SPMC sometimes makes me dizzy.

What is interesting is that I “need” both. It balances me.

Do you have an opinion on that subject? Why do I “need” both?

GuruKev’s Answer:

The concepts in the Success Mastery Course (SMC) and the Science of Personal Mastery Course (SPMC) may seem to be contradictory, but they are not.

Consider this:

You want something. You have a desire for something. You then decide to “order it” from Amazon and have it shipped to you. You only order it once.

But you might think about the item with excitement and expectancy until the day it arrives.

So, you order once, but think about it all the time, and as you think about it, you feel good.

That means you feel NOW, AS IF you were already in possession of what you ordered.

You are feeling grateful and happy and appreciative right now, because you KNOW what you want IS coming, it is just a matter of time.

You are not anxious or doubtful that it will come. You know it will come.

You are correct about the 2 courses.

The SMC deals more with the physical world of duality and how to operate in it from that perspective, the perspective of the mind.

The SPMC deals more with the SELF (you call it soul). Thus it deals more with the non-physical aspects, the non-duality aspects or our spiritual nature.

However as you go up to higher levels in the SMC, you will find that more and more the non-physical (SELF) aspects are addressed.

And as you go through SPMC, you will find many Lessons (such as the super powerful “Money Lessons”) that deal with “reality” of the physical world you live in and deal with every day.

For most people, using the methods in the Success Mastery Course (SMC) can appear to be more logical initially because they are coming from the mind, which is what you are used to using. And it comes from the general sense of everything being separate (duality; you/me; this/that; then/now; here/there) which is what most people are comfortable with.

The Science of Personal Mastery Course (SPMC) might make your head swim a little, because it is taking you out of your comfort zone and taking you to places you have never been before. It is rearranging everything on the inside. It is changing you from the inside out. As within, so without. Change your inner self and your outer world and experience will change.

You are correct. The Courses are designed to work together. They are coming from different perspectives to achieve the same result.

Much love,