Success & Failure

Always Focus On Feeling Good And Figuring Out Ways To Feel Even Better. Every Material Thing That We Want, We Want Because It Will Make Us Feel Better

What is Success? Ask 100 people and you might get 100 different answers. Would you consider yourself a success if you achieved your desires, or were in the process of achieving your desires? Or would you be successful if you simply felt total joy, peace, and contentment? Think about YOUR definition of success. Let’s see what we can come up with!

What is Failure? Are you a failure if you did not achieve your desires or you still have desires that you do not have right now? Can you EVER achieve ALL your desires? Or are you always getting new desires as soon as one desire is achieved? Is failure simply feeling bad? Consider YOUR definition of failure. Let’s see what we can come up with!

For me...I have one and only one desire. Feeling good! That is ALL that matters! It matters not what OTHER people think or say. I would not trade places with anyone. I adore, appreciate, and love my life. I am exhilarated being me! I am at peace and harmony with myself and the Universe. I feel bliss, joy, contentment, tranquility, ecstasy, love, happiness, enthusiasm, excitement, fun, etc. What more can anyone ask?! AND, no matter WHAT happens, or what the conditions are around me, I always feel good in varying degrees.

Life is simply a beautiful, fun, exciting adventure! No stress, drama, trauma, negativity, anger, hate, or depression. What do YOU want in YOUR life? There are EASY (LOL) methods to achieve this kind of enlightenment and state of bliss. I will teach you the secrets I have discovered...SOON (right here so keep reading these posts)! Remember, Source (God) LOVES you and KNOWS and sees you as perfect, because you are perfect.

I am one with you and love you too!