Success & Prosperity

Do It Now And Focus. Focus On Your Desires, Passions And Reasons For You Wanting That Which You Want

If you want success and prosperity, there are a couple of key things that all successful people do. Those who manifest their desires, make their dreams come true, achieve their goals, and make lots of money have "success habits".

Two basic habits of ALL successful people are

1.) They have a "Do it NOW" attitude, and

2.) They don't care much about HOW they are going to turn their desires into reality, but they know WHY they want what they want. They let the "how" manifest and present itself in time.

If you focus on these 2 aspects for just the next 30 days, you will see and experience miraculous things in your life. I taught these 2 keys to over 400 inmates here. The guys stopped procrastinating and putting things off. They took action NOW. WOW. What a difference on this compound in just a month with these guys immediately taking action on things.

Then, they stopped wondering "how" they were going to achieve their dreams, they simply focused on defining their dreams, clarifying and knowing exactly what they wanted, and WHY they wanted it. Over 100 inmates came up to me telling of what they described as "miracles" about how the Universe presented them with the "how" to achieve their dreams.

It was almost "spooky" to see the Universe help each inmate see that they can achieve their dreams. You CAN have what you desire. Follow these steps and I WILL see YOU on the beaches of the world.

Your friend,