The Common Denominator of Success

Successful People Are Always Willing To Do What The People Are To Good To Do. They Do It Consistently And Make It A Habit

After 30 years of research, Albert E.N. Gray discovered only ONE common denominator of success:

“Successful people have formed the habit of doing things failures do not like to do.”

The things that failures do not like to do are the “Success Traits”. The list of those traits are in a previous Lesson. 

The key however is the word “Habit”. 

Successful people have turned doing the “Success Traits” into a habit. 

The “Success Traits” are generally things one does not like to do. However, once they have been converted into a “Habit”, you are then “Addicted” to doing them. 

Habits are hard to break! 

Smoking is a habit and hard to break. 

Overeating is a habit and hard to break. 

Snacking late at night is a habit and hard to break. 

Going on social media is a very hard to break habit. 

These are all “bad” habits. 

There are lots of “failure” habits such as:


starting things and not finishing them

spending money you don’t have and going into debt

letting time wasters like TV drain all the energy and motivation out of you.

When you have the habit of doing the “Success Traits”, they are automatic, they become easy, and you do them without effort or thinking. You are “addicted” to doing them. You cannot stop doing them. They are “who you are”. 

There is an easy way to turn those Success Traits into habits: 

Have a “Success Partner” who is also turning the Success Traits into habits. 

This is one reason why joining a “success” club or “Positive Mental Attitude” organization is so valuable. 

We all know that it is always easier to be consistent with an exercise program if you have an exercise partner. You pull for each other. You motivate each other. You push each other to do more. You have an “accountability partner”.

Get a partner or a small group and work together to turn the Success Traits into Success Habits. 

Remember the axiom: Success is a habit and failure is a habit. 

This then confirms the next axiom: Success breeds success. 

Think about this. You can do it. 

I love you all. You can make all your dreams come true. Go for your dreams.

Much love, 

Your friend,