The Gita

Who Do You Listen To? You Become What You Think About

The last couple of days, I have been rereading "The Living Gita" (The Bhagavad Gita) and "The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali" translated into modern English by and with commentaries by Sri Swami Satchidananda (of Yogaville USA).

It is fascinating that everything modern science, quantum physics, modern spiritual "experts", and today's self-improvement "Gurus" try to say about and explain the human condition, why we think, feel and act the ways we do, and the nature of man and the Universe itself (physical and non physical), are all so clearly explained in these ancient texts.

Imagine 5000 years ago, someone writing about the "mysteries" of why we are here, why we feel "bad" or have negative emotions, how to be happy no matter what happens to us, WHY things we don't want to happen in our lives DO happen sometimes, how to manifest our dreams and desires, how to get along better with people, how to succeed in business, how to be happy and fulfilled, how to have better health and live a long joyous life (the list can go on and on).

Even something like the "levels of exchange" which is NOW taught in Harvard Business School as NEW management theory, was CLEARLY explained in the Gita 5000 years ago!

Those levels are:

Give 0​---------​take 100% = Thief

Give 50% -----​take 100% = Bad business, unfair, unequal exchange

Give 100% ---​take 100% = Good business, fair, equal exchange

Give 150% ---​take 100% = a virtuous person and a very successful business; exchange in abundance

Give ANYTHING----​take ZERO = a saint, or enlightened person (giving WITHOUT any desire or expectation of anything in return. Give sometimes not just SOME, but, all you have)

This little formula is talked about by Maslow, Freud, Hubbard, Hawkins and so many more, yet I bet, none knows where it's origin comes from….this 5000 year old text from India, the Bhagavad Gita, where it was written down, and codified.

There really is nothing new under the sun.

Then in the Yoga Sutras, also thousands of years old, all the methods for "clearing", or releasing, or letting go of trapped energy and thus freeing your unlimited potential and unleashing your trapped inner joy and peace, are all explained in detail there.

All the techniques that modern experts try to claim as their inventions or creations are clearly and precisely outlined in Patanjali's definitive, ancient, Divinely inspired work.

Consider reading these books (the versions I suggest are easy to read with excellent commentaries in simple English explaining the ancient text, making everything very clear and simple to understand). Also, consider "Listening to", someone who has spent thousands of hours reading, studying, meditating and contemplating these works and actually applied the methods described in the works into their own lives…thus fully experiencing the results.

Such a person does not just "KNOW ABOUT" the material on an academic, intellectual level. They truly "KNOW" the material because of personal experience and "living it". They have BECOME the material and knowledge.

Much love,

Your Friend,