The Heart Vs. The Mind

How KNOWING You Can Achieve Your Desires Is
Superior To Believing You Can 

Consider that the mind, and thus thoughts, are what are used to activate the law of attraction. Thus it is your mind and your thoughts that you use to create and manifest your desires in this physical duality based reality we call "life". The "heart" however is what must be opened to experience true oneness, connectedness, wholeness, completeness, joy, bliss and inner ecstasy.

When you are basing everything from thoughts and the mind you are "in your head". You can become an amazing manifestor of "things" in your life using only the mind. Yet, if you use only the mind, you will still have some kind of "emptiness" within and feel like "something is missing in life".

If your focus is mind and thought based, and manifesting what you do not have yet, you are rooted in the sense of "duality, separateness and lack".

If on the other hand, you base everything from the "heart", you may experience more inner peace. Yet, if everything is from the heart and you ignore that fact that you have a mind with thoughts, that you have a physical body, and that you live in a physical world, you may be living in what others perceive as "lack of abundance" because you probably won't be manifesting much.

There is a balance point. You can have it all if you choose. You can have total inner peace, love, harmony, contentment, fulfillment, joy and satisfaction, while at the same time being able to use your mind and thoughts to manifest any and all material things in the physical world you desire.