The Highest Teachings #1

Spend A Lifetime Becoming The Truest, "Right Way," 
Best Version Of You Vs. You

For thousands of years, in every spiritual text known to man, there are 2 “Teachings of Truth”.

When you fully know these “Truths” are true because you have personally experienced them, your whole world becomes better in every way.

Everything within and without, in your internal emotional states, and in your external living conditions, becomes magical with no words that can describe the magnificence and bliss you will perpetually bathe in.

Everything becomes glorious in ways you could not now even imagine.

“The Highest and Greatest Teachings of All Time” are:

1.) You are the pure extension and expression of God’s love. Just as God is love, so you are. You are pure love. Thus, see yourself as “Divine”. Know and experience God and your SELF as “One”. God dwells within you AS you.

2.) The above is true for everyone. Therefore see God in all people, AS all people. Everyone is the pure extension and expression of God’s love. Just as God is love, so is everyone. Everyone is pure love. Thus, see everyone as “Divine”. Know and experience God and everyone else as “One”. Thus, know and experience everyone and yourSELF also as the same “One”.

You and everyone are “connected” and “one in the same”.

Having this fully experienced, “knowing” this, and being fully established in this state of being is Enlightenment or SELF Realization. This is being fully Conscious. This is having complete Awareness.

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Much love,

Your friend,