The Highest Teachings #2

As Humans We Are Always Connected To Where We Came From, Our Source, (God) Which Is Pure Love

The highest teaching is this:

You are ONE with God, Source, Consciousness. There is only ONE Consciousness. The ONE Consciousness is everything. The ONE Consciousness is pure love/light. There is nothing that is NOT Consciousness, even the "nothingness" is the ONE Consciousness. ALL physical/form AND non-physical/formless is the ONE Consciousness.
Thus YOU are this ONE Consciousness: ALL-THAT-IS. You can thus "experience/have/manifest" in the "physical/form" dimension anything you choose, as it is already yours, and you are ONE with it. You are pure love/light. And since you ARE "one" with this "love/light", "ALL-THAT-IS", there is nothing EVER to fear. Pure bliss/joy is your essence.
It can take lifetimes to come to the complete understanding and knowingness of this. When it does, even to a small degree, you begin to experience peace that surpasses all human understanding and cannot be described in words. You also realize that you have complete dominion over all physical matter in your experience and you have complete control of your thoughts, thus your emotions. You thus can and do exhibit your true power and your true nature: love without condition to "all" people and things without exception, for you see God/Consciousness, etc. in all people and all things, and you see everything as perfect for it is so.
Bliss/peace/joy is then yours. You are truly "enlightened".
The most wonderful part of this, is you can, if you choose, have any of the material/financial/worldly "stuff" you want/desire, AND at the same time, because you have no attachments to the "material world", and you have no fear, you have ultimate happiness, peace, bliss & joy.
Ponder this Truth.
Much love,