The Magic of Letting Go

The Sedona Method Is A Powerful Metod For Releasing Trapped Energies And Emotions

Over 3 decades ago, I went through all The Sedona Method courses and training. As you know, I have done almost every kind of personal development, self-improvement, personal transformation, enlightenment, personal growth and spiritual kind of training available. Mostly from the founders or developers of the method themselves (not always).

I just reviewed the Sedona Method material again, from the newest book on the Method...
titled The Sedona Method

The book is very good. But just like trying to do memory training from a book, one will always find the audio course MUCH better and easier... and the LIVE training even better still.

If you look at most of all the training out there for personal development, self-improvement and personal transformation etc, they all try to achieve the same result:

…getting "stuck" trapped energy patterns, or attractor fields, or "programs", that are in the "subconscious", "released, or let go, or dissolved, or transmuted".

When that happens, we become "free" and thus, all of our "power and abilities" are available to us. Becoming "free" includes manifesting our desires with speed and ease, AND having a constant flow of peace, joy and happiness bubbling up from within no matter what the external conditions of our life.

These suppressed vibrations and frequencies usually are counterproductive to what our current intentions, wants and desires are, thus they "hold us back" from achieving our desires and manifesting our dreams.

When they get "activated or keyed IN", they also make us anxious, stressed, sad, depressed, angry, jealous, envious, grief ridden, fearful, moody, lack confidence, pessimistic, and have a low negative self-image.

Basically, every negative feeling and emotion can be traced to these energy patterns becoming activated.

So when we look at The Callahan Techniques of Thought Field Therapy, or Emotional Freedom Technique (any kind of Tapping), B.E.S.T (Morter), Dianetics and Scientology auditing and processing, Landmark Forum, EST, Homeopathy, Energetic Rebalancing, Gestalt Therapy, all forms of Yoga, Meditation, Chanting, various "spiritual practices", confessionals, regressive therapy, past life therapy, Psychotherapy, motivational training, Alphabiotics, rapid eye desensitization, Color Therapy, Sound Therapy, guided visualizations, Mary Miller's I Ching Instruments, Psychoanalysis, and hundreds of other methods, we can see they all try to do the same thing:

All of these methods and tools try to release those negative energy patterns and fields, freeing us from what has control over our emotions. Freeing us from the things that make us act, feel and say things irrationally and that are uncontrollable.

Other therapies ADD programs into the mind ... such as Hypnotherapy, Subliminal programs, NLP, positive affirmations and self-talk, positive thinking etc. That is a different issue and those have advantages and benefits as well.

But...releasing and getting rid of the deep stuff... our deep hidden pain, fear, insecurities etc. always produces the most lasting and profound results. Mainly because when you get rid of that layer of negative energy, it is gone for good!

Then the "REAL YOU" comes out and you are FREE!

So...I highly suggest you consider going through The Sedona Method training. You can do it by yourself via audio training at home at your own pace. You can do it with a partner, your business associates or family members. It is easy, simple and fun.

You of course can always go to the the live training and get the material delivered to you in person. Always the best, but time consuming, and the costs of travel, hotel etc. can be restrictive.

The audios are terrific. I did both. The audios first, and then I went to all the training that was available.

Something to consider....

Your Friend,