The Moving Mind

Practice Physical Stillness To Attain Mental Peace And Note The Sense Of Power That Begins To Well Up Inside You

All minds "move". Minds constantly produce thoughts. The mind is always agitated. However, if you can control your mind, quiet your mind, make your mind more "still", you attain peace and clarity. You release inner joy. Try this. Simply sit quietly, not moving at all.

First, let the mind think and be agitated all it wants. Let your mind run wild. But just sit still, relaxed, quiet and not moving. Focus on your breathing. Within a few minutes the mind will slow down a bit.

If your body is still, the mind will begin to still and calm down all by itself. When there is no physical movement, the breath slows down and lengthens. The breath is the link between the body and the mind. As the breath slows, so does the mind. Be physically at ease, and mental peace will follow. These are the words of a great Master. They are Truth.

This is why what you eat, exercise, what you drink, are all important to not only your physical health, but your mental health as well. AND, when you have a calm mind, you can create and manifest all the riches and material wealth you desire.

Much love,