The "Obstacle"

"The Obstacle Is The Way" Is A Recommended Book For Motivation

I just re-read a short inspirational and motivational book: The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday.

If you think you are in a funk or need a “pick me up pep talk” of a good “kick in the ass” to get you motivated, this is a great book. In fact, it is a great book for anyone, at any time.

It is a short, quick read.

Remember one has to feed their mind everyday with positive, inspirational, motivational, mental attitude material in the form of books and audios. Even just 5 minutes a day, just one page a day of reading, can make a huge difference in the results you see in your life and how you feel inside.

In today’s world, you can excel and rise to the top easier than ever before because there are few and few motivated and inspired “go-getters” who read and do the “little things” that make the difference. Leaders are always readers. Be a leader, and WIN.

Your friend,