The Passing Of “Archie”

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Our Fears Hinder Our Success, Always Work On Clearing These Out

One of my closest friends, "Archie", passed away some time ago (croaked; kicked the bucket). We were friends for over 30 years. He was one of our fishing buddies. I talked about him often as did Mike Sigel and the Morters. Some of you met him at Gin events. He also did welcome calls for Gin. Archie was loved by everyone who met him. He was a loyal, dear friend.

As I wrote in a previous message about Wayne Dyer's passing, "death" is just a transition. The physical body is gone, but the essence of the real person is always eternal. In fact, when YOU leave the body, your true essence is fully released. All those around you can now sense the pure love that you are. You have finished the role you decided and choose to play when you decided and choose to be embodied.

We all applaud your "performance" Archie. All those who knew you are glad we got to participate in the "play of consciousness" with you. You are getting a standing ovation from all of us my friend.

With love...