The "Reveal" About Orders

What We Like Or Dislike About Ourselves We Mirror In Others

You might have recently read my email/blog on Following Orders. I was taught this Lesson in the early 70's by my then spiritual and "how to be a success in life" mentor. I have previously referred to him as "My Uncle".

Following Orders was a hard lesson for me to learn. When he presented it to me, I resisted it fully. I had an immediate "NO" knee jerk reaction to the idea of always "following the orders, to the letter, with great devotion and enthusiasm, of a senior”.

Being "ordered" to do anything, by anyone, was NOT in MY DNA, I thought.

I would never follow the orders or directives of someone blindly. I would always question authority, their sanity, intelligence, and their motives. No one is infallible. People make mistakes. People, even great leaders, can and do make BAD choices and decisions.

Plus, I was the one who was smart! I knew what the right decisions were, not them. In fact, if those leaders would just listen to ME, I would think, everything would be fine.

I had lots of thoughts like: How did THEY get into their position of authority anyway being so stupid? How did THEY get so much money and become so successful being so obviously incompetent!

You get the idea.

When my "Uncle" shared with me this Lesson (almost exactly as I shared it with you), he simply smiled and had a good belly laugh at my "resistant" reaction and my negative comments (it was NOT a response that I gave, it was a REACTION, and not a nice one at that LOL!).

He simply told me, "Chew on it son, RUN IT in your mind, forwards and backwards. Find WHY you are reacting the way you are. What buttons am I pushing for you to react so violently and irrationally? Go beyond what appears to be obvious. There is a "reveal" that will come to you, a cognition, a new understanding. With all the teachings, when you finally "get it", there is an ‘end phenomena’. You will KNOW. We will talk about it again in the future."

I remember him just laughing in such a good natured manner, and walking away.

I did as he told me... for YEARS! HAHAHA!

Little by little, over time, I would have some "new understandings" about "following orders".

But I had no real major epiphanies or cognitions... UNTIL... Something major happened that gave me the instant and total "End Phenomena" on what he was talking about, regarding this Lesson.

This was a total Epiphany for me, a total new understanding, a MAJOR cognition, a MAJOR release.

I will share the entire story of what happened in a live event or book sometime in the future.

I will NOT share the end phenomena. That is always something one has to become cognizant of on their own.

I will however give you some things to think about (as my Uncle did for me over the years), that perhaps you have NOT thought about at all when reading my original Lesson on Following Orders. This will save you the many years in coming to a great cognition for yourself.

By the way, when you do come to a great cognition on any Lesson, you always feel lighter and freer! You feel like a weight or burden has been lifted off you. You are MUCH happier and MUCH more at peace. You feel more stable, confident and CERTAIN. Your sense of knowingness goes up dramatically.

It becomes much easier for you to go with the flow, be out of the mode of resistance, and be in that magical wonderful state of ALLOWING, where all your dreams come true.

So think about these things in relation to the Following Orders story:

why are you even in a position where you are being given orders?

why are you even in a position where you are being given orders by someone you don't TRUST and believe in?

why are you so afraid of following orders?

why are you resisting the whole process?

why are you being so critical and judgmental of the process and anyone giving you orders?

why are you anticipating the worst that can happen, thus possibly drawing in, via the law of attraction what you don't want to happen?

do you know that it's all a game anyway, and that there are no real consequences no matter what happens?

being in a state of resistance vs. being in a state of acceptance of what is, and allowing, being surrendered to the Universe.

why do you have such a strong need to control?

why do you HATE the idea of being controlled?

why do you have such a strong need or wanting for security, safety or a sense of survival?

where is the mistrust coming from?

why do you have such a needing or wanting for acceptance, acknowledgement, or approval?

why do you need to be validated or affirmed?

why do you not confront the order or the person giving it and instead find faults with the person that have nothing to do with the order itself? (He just ordered me to put the trash out, but he can't stop eating those candy bars! Why should I listen to him?)

ultimately get to the point of total certainty where you give orders to yourself to follow your inner SELF. Always order “yourself” (the mind) to follow THE SELF. Is not the same ONE SELF that is within you, within the other person?

who is actually doing the ordering? The SELF, the mind, or the body/brain?

what is the intention of the order?

why do you need to be right and make others wrong?

don't follow orders or not follow orders because you are afraid of what bad things could happen.

do you still think some things are bad and others good? Isn't it that nothing is good or bad other than the thinking that makes it so?

don't higher ups in general have a wider perspective and make decisions based on the greatest good for the greatest number?....but sometimes they DO make decisions based on the best good for themselves only, at the expense of does this not suggest that YOU must choose your leaders wisely, and if you are in a position with a "bad" leader, is that not YOUR responsibility?

when YOU tell someone else to do something (put the trash out, write that report and I need it by tomorrow morning no matter how late you have to work tonight..etc...) how do you want THAT person to react or respond to YOUR orders and directives?

Think about these things.

I can tell you this. Once I had my "end phenomena", a couple things happened almost instantly.

First, I lost ALL fear about "bad things" happening. I saw the perfection in the constant imperfection of life.

Next, life became a real game, and a fun, exciting game at that - The best game in the world, where winning or losing was not the goal, but enjoying playing the game was. The end result and consequences were not the consideration.

One often thinks that when that occurs (that you don't care about consequences or end results), that:

you never have the drive or determination to win and therefore you stop being a winner AND

you do lots of "bad" things because you are not worried about any "consequences" or

The paradox is, the exact opposite is true.

When you get to this place of release, NO resistance to what IS, total allowing, everything becomes more magical and better than you could ever imagine - BOTH on the outside and the inside - BOTH with the external conditions of your life, and the internal emotional, mental and spiritual states of joy, happiness and peace you constantly bathe in.

Chew on this my friends. Take nothing I say as "true" or "right".

Experiment with these concepts yourself. Apply them. Don't just discuss them, or think about them, but DO THEM and personally experience them.

Then and only then, will you not "know about" these ideas, but, by personal experience, you will KNOW within yourself the truth of these ideas.

When you do, you too will have that amazing cognition or cognitions, and the miraculous "End Phenomena" that will make your life in every way, better and better.

Much love...

Your Friend always,