The Richest Man In The World

Always Think And Do Unto Others As You Would Have Done For You

Everything in your life can get better instantly. Try this experiment and see for yourself. 

Imagine that the richest man in the world just announced that he is going to give one person anything and everything they desire. You and 10 other “contestants” have been chosen to participate in this “game”. In one month, the richest man in the world will choose the winner. 

You and the other 10 contestants are given no other instructions. BUT, YOU have been told the secret. Starting tomorrow, EVERYONE you meet is actually the richest man in the world in disguise. The richest man in the world is magically simply wearing a costume and playing a role as all the people you meet. EVERY SINGLE PERSON you see or come into contact with is in fact the richest man in the world. No matter how mean or evil someone is, they are actually the richest man in the world in disguise and just playing a part as if an actor. 

This is a game. The richest man in the world wants to see how you will act and treat people. You now know the secret to the “game”. If you treat everyone with kindness, compassion and love, without condition and without exception, the richest man in the world will be “impressed” and you could win and have all your wishes granted! 

Knowing this, you should treat people differently than you normally do. No matter what a person does to you, or how bad they treat you, or what terrible words they say or how they act, you will probably treat them like royalty knowing this secret. No matter how insignificant a person “seems to be”, you will treat them with respect and kindness knowing who that person REALLY is! 

Remember, the richest man in the world is seeing how YOU treat others and will test you! Don’t get caught. And if you do “snap” and forget, immediately rectify the situation by pouring out love and compassion to everyone, not just in words and actions, but with your true inner self, your energy. Remember, the richest man in the world is comparing your actions, words, AND YOUR THOUGHTS towards others with many other “contestants”. He can read your mind, so watch your thoughts! If you want to be the winner and get all your wishes granted, then you have to treat everyone the best, and THINK good of all people! 

The richest man in the world is actually “God”. And this “game” is a truth. Think about this. God IS actually not just one of us, but ALL of us. Try this experiment for just one day and see what happens inside you. 

You are about to experience a major breakthrough. 

Enjoy the benefits from this exercise. 

Much love,