The Right Mentor

Success Breeds Success. It's Important To Realize At Once, That, I Don't Know Everything And Never Will

Principle ONE for success:

1.) Listen to people that have what you want and have been where you are. 

2.) Learn from everyone.

3.) Ultimately listen to the “Guru” within you, that small, still voice that knows all. This is your gut  feelings or your intuition.

A good person to gain insight from is one who helps to make you have your own cognitions. A person like this is one who is constantly learning, growing and having new cognitions themselves. 

You too should be constantly learning and growing. 

The most brilliant genius, the scientist Albert Einstein, was still learning up until the day he died. 

He was always curious. 

He asked tons of questions.

He was a great listener.

He was an avid reader. 

He listened to and asked questions of other scientists and researchers. 

He attended lectures and conferences AS AN ATTENDEE as well as a speaker. 

He was constantly doing research. 

He questioned and challenged everything. 

He had an open mind. 

He was teachable. This means he had a very high willingness to learn and willingness to accept that his opinions were wrong. He was always open to changing his mind and opinions.

He was very willing to say he was wrong.

He knew he did not know what he did not know (read that again!)

He did not have 1 year of experience repeated 50 times, rather he had 50 full years of real experience and growing (read that again!)

Be like Einstein and learn from someone who has the traits of Einstein. 

If you stop growing, you start dying. 

If you listen to people who “know it all” and stopped learning years ago, you are following the pied piper down the road to failure.

Be teachable and listen to those who are teachable. 

If you do, I know I will see you at the top!

I must go now, I have some new books to read!

Much love,