The Secret Is In Front Of You

We Become That Which We Focus On

Something to consider:

All advanced training is essentially, taking a person who has worked with the "basics" for a period of time, back to redo and DRILL the basics, ONE concept at a time, in a new unit of time as THE PERSON is different, thus the basic training is different, and more importantly their EXPERIENCE will be dramatically different.  

Advanced training must also be presented in a new different way (different modalities), so it may SOUND new or APPEAR to be new information. But you can take all "advanced" training and go back to a book or audio and find it there! 

The 2 issues that make advanced training NEW, are: 

The person is “different”; in advanced training, you actually DRILL the material so the person actually DOES the exercises you talked about in earlier training, (that they never had the time to do, or thought was not going to be worth the time and effort), and thus by spending LOTS of time on ONE training concept at a time and drilling it, the person has a true breakthrough and experience.

Many people I have talked to over the years have a tendency to think the "secrets" are "over there", in the next recommended seminar, book, level of training etc. etc.

Think about you read one of the recommended books as fast as you can so you can get to the next suggested book? 

Do you want to go through the Success Mastery Course (SMC) level you are currently on as fast as you can so you can get to the next level of training? If so, you are missing the very secrets you seek. They are right in front of you. 

I suggest you read the recommended books slowly. Think about each sentence and key concept. Underline and write notes in the margins as you read it. Reread a sentence or paragraph if you felt impacted by it. Stop reading and ponder what you just read if it had a powerful impression on you. 

DO the exercises in the book (if there are any), BEFORE you continue reading!  Do not RUSH. This is not a race. Take your time. Breath! Smile. Go slow. The book, CD, DVD, etc. you have in your hand DOES contain secrets (not any training, the recommended books, CDs, DVDs, and the SMC)! FOCUS. Pay attention. Look. Observe. Perceive. Be aware. Concentrate! 

Open up your mind and heart and allow the material, information and energy to flow through you. Feel the material, knowledge, information, energy; do not just think about the information on an intellectual level. 

Be open. Have a willingness to learn from the book, CD, DVD or whatever training you are going through right now. 

Be ready to receive the energy from the training you are going through right now. You have many secrets in your hand RIGHT NOW. The book, cd, seminar etc. you have been led to contain the knowledge and energy you seek. 

Open your eyes and open your heart. Accept it. Allow it to come in. Breath. Smile. Be fully willing to let go of patterns that have held you back. Be willing to change. Be willing to grow and expand. 

You are standing on acres of diamonds! (read the small little book Acres of Diamonds to know what I am talking about. IF you have read it, read it again!) 

Stop looking "over there"...when what you seek and what you need is right "here". 

Most people are lucky to remember and use 10% of the knowledge and energy in a book, cd, DVD, webinar, seminar, SMC training level etc. They think "this is basic material; I want the advanced stuff!". 

Remember my story of Sifu Shi Yan Ming training me how to throw a "punch" (I recommend his book, Shaolin Workou.) To be a master, you must master the basics. Mastery of the basics gives you mastery of all. 

Most people KNOW ABOUT lots of stuff, but do not really KNOW about any one particular thing. Jack of all trades, master at none. To KNOW something, you must master it. To master it, you must focus on it. When you focus on and master ONE "basic" teaching, you have it all! 

Every "basic" training concept contains it ALL. Like a seed. A seed contains the whole tree!

When I told Sifu I knew all these various martial arts strikes, he told me, "I am not afraid of the 10,000 strikes you practiced once each. I am afraid of the 1 strike you practiced 10,000 times.”

When you read a book or go through any training, know that what you’re studying has it focus... pay attention....and go slow.

I was dining in Las Vegas a few years ago with my friend Mark Hamilton. The restaurant we were dining at is one of the finest in the world, «Joël Robuchon"(Chef of the Century). The meal was a 12 course (dish) masterpiece. Each course was spectacular and one of a kind, and they were served one at a time with a nice break in-between each course. 

Each course was paired with a different wine to compliment that particular course (dish). The meal took over 4 hours to enjoy.

We savored EVERY course.

We ate each course slowly and deliberately. We wanted to taste and experience EVERY course and EVERY bite. 

We did not hurry and eat each course as fast as we could, so we could hurry up and get to the next "better" course. EACH course was perfection! Understand? 

Life is the same way! Each day is like a course (dish) in the restaurant, perfection. All training is like a course at the restaurant. Stop trying to "get there"... Enjoy the journey, and you will simply realize one day you ARE there! 

THERE is knowing that you are always creating! Once you fully believe and comprehend that YOU are one with ALL then everything can be yours because everything is already yours waiting for you to claim whatever you choose.

Until next time....

Much love,