The Self Image

This Lesson Is About The Importance Of The Self-Image And How Changing It Can Influence Your Life

Most people do not have a high self-imagine, self-esteem, self-worth or self-love. Most people do not have very much confidence in themselves. Most people beat themselves up too much. If you want to experience inner peace, tranquility, serenity, joy, happiness, and bliss the majority of the time in your life...then you must love yourself more. LOVE YOUR SELF. You must remember who you really are.
You are an extension (that means you ARE) pure Source energy (God, Love, Universal Consciousness, All-that-IS, I Am that I Am, etc). You and Source are ONE. You are not separate from All-that-IS. That means YOU are PERFECT RIGHT NOW! You are not working on getting better. You are PERFECT RIGHT NOW.

All you are doing is making new choices of what you would like to experience next, based on your perspectives and preferences, which are based on your perspective of the contrast you are experiencing.

When you understand and remember who you are, and you begin to see the world from that non-physical energetic viewpoint (which means you are seeing the energy behind everything and everyone in this physical time space reality) you will see and know yourself, the world and others as everything really is...which is...everything/everyone is the same Source energy YOU are and Source is. 

Everything is ONE WHOLE. YOU are everything. Thus YOU are PERFECT. You are here in the physical reality by choice and be part of expanding the Universe through YOUR choices, desires, wants, preferences, creations and manifesting.

Take a deep breath and know YOU are pure love. So LOVE yourself! And then... watch the magic in your life unfold!

I love you all. (NOW you might KNOW that I really do mean that!)