The Ship FAQ

The SHIP Overview and Summary

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is living and working on FREEDOM  “A Better Life”?

Who should buy a Residence on the ship FREEDOM and why?

Who should buy a 1 week a year “Fraction” of a Residence (a “Block”) on the SHIP and why?

What is the cost to buy a Full Residence?

What is the cost to buy a one week “Fraction” of a Residence (a “Block”), meaning I own a cabin on the SHIP for 1 week every year for 50 years (for 2 people)?

As a full-time, permanent SHIP Resident, can I get a job and work on the SHIP?

It seems like the Residences are small in size?

Why is a vacation on FREEDOM better than taking a vacation on another cruise ship?

Can I really afford to live on the SHIP full time? How is it possible to suggest that it is less expensive to live on the SHIP full time as compared to renting an apartment or owning a home on land?

What are some of the unique one of a kind amenities or features on FREEDOM that make the SHIP so special and spectacular?

What is the FOOD quality going to be like and what kind of dining options will be offered?

When will the SHIP be built and when will it be launched?

Who owns the SHIP?

Other ships have “spas”, how is the “SPA” on FREEDOM going to be different or better?

Other ships have recreational areas and gyms, how are those areas going to be different and better on FREEDOM?

What kind of “Meditation”, Spiritual Center and Chapel will there be on FREEDOM?

What kind of library will there be on board?

Explain more about the “Natural Cures Health and Wellness Center”, Anti-Aging therapies offered on board, and Medical and Dental Services.

Why does the CLUB need to have a ship like this?

I am not familiar with the CLUB or it’s teachings. How can I get information about what Members “believe”?

What kind of entertainment will be on the SHIP?

Is the SHIP going to be environmentally friendly?

What kind of shore excursions will be offered?

Will I get bored on FREEDOM and how will I meet new friends?

What will be the prices of the “Hotel Cabins” on the SHIP?

What kind of crew jobs are there, how is the crew compensated and what are the living conditions for the crew?

This seems too good to be true. How can FREEDOM offer Residences at a much lower price per sq ft, compared to the prices the other Residential Cruise ships sell their Residences for? How can FREEDOM sell a cabin for 1 week (7 days) every year for 50 years, for 2 people, at such a low price? How is it possible that people who buy either Full or Fractional Residences never have to pay any ongoing maintenance fees, fuel costs, and other continuing operational costs as is the case with all the other residential cruise ships and land based “timeshare” properties that offer similar “Fractional” ownership? How do the numbers work to keep this ship financially solvent?

If the SHIP makes an annual “profit”, where will that money go?

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