Imagine the most luxurious Cruise Ship ever built travelling around the world from one exotic location to the next at a leisurely unhurried pace. The SHIP will be for a “Private Club” and reserved for “Members ONLY”. 

The CLUB is an “International Health, Wealth, and Happiness Society”.

Contact Us for information on joining The CLUB.

Only Members of this International Exclusive and Private Organization, “The CLUB“, will be allowed as passengers and crew.

The SHIP will be filled with positive, happy, successful, freedom oriented people from all over the world who enjoy “Clean, Healthy, Wholesome, Living” and who enjoy “Health, Wealth, and Happiness”.

Imagine being lucky enough to be a Member of this CLUB, and having “exclusive” access to travel on this SHIP and enjoy the opulence, luxury and majesty of this “One of a Kind” World-Class experience. 

The SHIP will be named “FREEDOM”.

Some passengers will actually live on the SHIP full time as permanent Residents and enjoy “A Better Life”. 

Others will come for a week or more to enjoy a healthy fun filled vacation or to have a “Spa or Ashram like retreat, learning/educational resort” type experience.

FREEDOM and The CLUB will cater to people who:

  • Want “A Better Life”
  • Are health, fitness, and spiritually conscious
  • Are interested in personal development and wellness
  • Desire to learn about “Success Secrets” and attain their goals
  • Wish to learn how to use the Law of Attraction and other “secrets” to manifest their dreams
  • Want to attain financial prosperity, create wealth, and live in abundance
  • Are currently affluent and wealthy people who also understand what is really important in life is not material riches
  • Desire inner peace, fulfillment, and bliss
  • Are interested in increasing their own personal spirituality, consciousness and enlightenment
  • Are interested in associating with like-minded people who are positive, motivated and inspired
  • Want more out of life and want the best that life can offer
  • Want to live a life filled with “Passion”, joy and happiness
  • Who want to have “Fun” everyday 
  • Who strongly desire to live a life that has “meaning” and purpose

The CLUB and the Ship FREEDOM will cater to people who want to be Healthy, Wealthy and Happy. 

FREEDOM will be unique in the way it travels the world. It will sail from one port to another as it circumnavigates the globe. 

At some ports of call, the SHIP will arrive early in the morning, and depart in the late afternoon or evening the same day, giving passengers an exciting day at that particular port of call. 

At other locations, the SHIP will stay for several days allowing passengers the option of enjoying the destination for extended periods of time. 

In some other locations the SHIP will remain for up to 4 full weeks or longer so that passengers can fully experience the city, country and culture of the SHIP’s destination. This is a totally “one of a kind” cruise experience. The SHIP will act as your personal “Hotel/Resort” at these destinations where the SHIP stays in port for extended periods.

This magnificent Ocean Liner Cruise Ship will be unlike any other ever built. It will not be a tacky “booze cruise” party ship, filled with vacationers looking to drink too much, eat too much and do cookie cutter “Tourist” style activities. 

This SHIP will be a floating 5-Star, Ultra Luxury, “Better Life Resort/Retreat and Living Community”. 

It will be a “Utopian Village” where passengers live, vacation, and visit. 

The “flavor and atmosphere” of the SHIP will be unlike any other ever created.

 It will be a combination of:

  • Ultra Luxury Vacation Resort
  • Ashram/Spiritual Center
  • Fitness and Health Retreat
  • Clubhouse
  • Learning and Educational Academy
  • Wellness Community
  • “Village” for “positive” people
  • Natural Cures Health Center
  • “Shangri-la”
  • Mansion for the Rich and Famous

The SHIP will provide the ideal environment for personal, spiritual, and professional transformation and growth. 

The SHIP will be the ideal place to learn “How to manifest your Dreams” and “How to Get in Life, Everything You Want”.

The SHIP will be a place where you will meet famous people from all around the world, Celebrities, Dignitaries, Spiritual Gurus, Best Selling Authors, Billionaires, Entertainers, Movie Stars, Business Leaders, World Leaders and the most successful people in every field of endeavor. Passengers on the SHIP will include a virtual “Who’s Who” of the world.

Everything on the SHIP is therefore geared to provide “A Better Life” for all on board: 

A life of Health, Wealth and Happiness. 

FREEDOM will not be generally open or available to the public. It will be reserved for “MEMBERS ONLY“.

Contact Us for information on becoming a MEMBER.

Members have the options of:

  • Buying a Residence/Cabin on FREEDOM, and living on the ship full time (Full time Residents have the option of working part time or full time on the ship as well)
  • Acquiring a “Fractional Ownership” in a Residence/Cabin. This means “owning” a Residence/Cabin on the SHIP for 7 days a year for 50 years (you can purchase as many 7 days “Fractions” as you desire). Owning a cabin for one week on the SHIP each year for 50 years is called a “Block”. You can purchase as many “Blocks” as you desire. 
  • Going on the ship by booking a cabin “Hotel Style” for 1 day or as many days as you wish based on availability
  • Working full time of the SHIP as crew, thus living in “crew quarters”, and having “crew working hours”

There will be hundreds of passengers/families on the ship who own “Residences”. The SHIP will be their permanent home and they will live on the SHIP full time. 

Many of these Full Time Permanent RESIDENTS will also choose to work on the ship, either part time or full time. 

Others will be retired and enjoy their Residence as their sole retirement home or one of their retirement homes. 

Others will own a Residence but use it only occasionally throughout the year, allowing family and friends (who are also CLUB Members) to use their Residence when they are not using it themselves. 

And still others will own a Residence on the SHIP as an investment, providing potential appreciation in the asset as well as rental income. Their units could be rented out to other members and the “owners” may enjoy the lucrative rental income. They may still use the Residence themselves several weeks a year for vacations. They may also sell the unit at some point and enjoy what they hope to be a substantial increase in the value of their Residence, thus giving them a tremendous return on their investment.

A Residence on the SHIP could be a very valuable and potentially appreciating asset that can be transferred, sold or given as a gift. 

There will also be tens of thousands of people who have “Fractional Ownership” in Residences. 

This means they will “own” a “Fraction” of a cabin. These are sold as a 1 week (7 days) “Fractions” or “Blocks”. You may buy as many “Fractions” or one week “Blocks” as you desire.

Owning 1 “Fraction” or “Block” of a Residence/Cabin means you and a guest can come on the ship for 1 week every year for the life of the ship (50 years).  

A Fraction of a Residence (“Block”) is a very valuable and potentially appreciating asset that can be transferred, sold or given as a gift. 

Every week there will also be hundreds of Members who will book a cabin “Hotel Room” style. They will stay on the ship for 1 day or more based on their wishes and cabin availability. They will come on the SHIP to vacation with other international CLUB members, or to take specific “SHIP ONLY” training courses that the CLUB offers and are delivered exclusively on the SHIP.

The ship will of course have full time crew members who contract to work on the SHIP under industry standard “cruise ship work contracts” that last between 3 months to 1 year at a time. These people will live and work full time on the ship as is the industry standard custom. 

FREEDOM crew members will have everything “Much Better” than they would have on any other cruise ship. 

FREEDOM crew members will also be treated as GUESTS on the SHIP when they are not working their shifts. This means crew members will have access to the entire SHIP and all amenities, just as all other Residents and passengers have access. 

This is a FIRST and ONLY in the cruise industry, guaranteeing the finest crew ever assembled on a single ship. The best of the best in the cruise industry will want to be working on this ship and all crew will have to be CLUB members to qualify and be considered for crew positions. 

Since every person on FREEDOM will be a CLUB member, the ship will be filled with like-minded, upbeat, happy, motivated, wellness oriented people who will be an absolute joy to spend time with. CLUB members are interested in personal growth, personal development, improving themselves, learning, wealth creation, increasing their ability to manifest their desires, being prosperous, being healthy, and most importantly being HAPPY and living a life that has “meaning” and purpose. 

CLUB members desire “Health, Wealth and Happiness”.

The ship FREEDOM will be the Founder’s (Kevin) main residence and his “Home”. 

The SHIP will also be The CLUB “Flagship” and main Worldwide Headquarters. 

To learn more about The CLUB, see The CLUB VISION document by clicking here.

Contact Us for information on joining The CLUB.

This SHIP will create “A Better Life” for everyone on board. 

FREEDOM will therefore be a multi-purpose large ocean liner:

  • A “Residential Cruise Ship” circumnavigating the globe, offering “Residences” for ownership exclusively to CLUB members 
  • Offer “Fractional Ownership” of “Residences” so that CLUB members can “own” a Residence/Cabin on the SHIP in 7 day “Blocks” per year for the life of the ship (this means that a CLUB member can “own” a “Residence/Cabin” for 1 or more weeks on the SHIP every year for the life of the SHIP, which will be 50 years)
  • Offer a “Hotel” on board the SHIP available exclusively to CLUB members. Members can book a cabin for however long they want based on availability, and enjoy cruising on FREEDOM where all passengers and crew are exclusively CLUB members.
  • A “Floating Clubhouse” and World Headquarters for the CLUB. When in port, FREEDOM will be open to all CLUB members and their guests to come on board and enjoy all the amenities on the SHIP including dining, entertainment, seminars, workshops, exclusive “SHIP ONLY Training”, Upper Level CLUB training, meetings, and events. 

The SHIP is the perfect “CLUBHOUSE” and a place for members to:

  • entertain guests
  • enjoy world class dining
  • have meetings
  • conduct personal business
  • attend lectures
  • participate in conferences, workshops and “SHIP ONLY” Upper Level CLUB training Courses
  • enjoy spectacular free entertainment
  • meet Celebrities, VIP’s and international dignitaries
  • bathe in the special “energy” that has been designed into the SHIP that produces personal transformation
  • and just relax in opulence while meeting and socializing with other CLUB members from around the globe.

General Details

Passenger capacity: 4000

Crew Capacity: 3000

Residences: 200 

Fractional Ownership Residences/Cabins: 1500 

Hotel Cabins: 300

All of these numbers will go up or down, and the ratios in relation to each other will change based on sales and interest by CLUB members

This means that the number of residences could be more than 200 if there is strong interest, or be less than 200 if there are fewer people interested in buying full time Residences.

This applies to the Fractional Ownership Cabins number of 1500 as well. If there is strong interest, there could very well be more than 1500 cabins in this category. If there is less interest, then the number of cabins actually on FREEDOM when the ship is launched could be less than 1500 Residences/Cabins.

The same holds true with the number of “Hotel Cabins”.

FREEDOM could be an even larger vessel than stated if there is strong interest. The SHIP could have a maximum capacity of 6000 passengers. The SHIP could also be smaller. 

The “financial numbers” are “scalable” and still work for a ship with a passenger capacity level as low as 600. If there is less interest than that, the SHIP will not be built until interest from CLUB members rises to the level that will produce a SHIP that can maintain financial solvency.

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