Truth vs Honesty

- - -

There is Truth. There is also honesty. These are not the same.
The main stream media is almost never honest. They "might" tell the "truth", but they are rarely "honest".
The truth might be "a boy stole an apple". This means that a boy, took an apple that was not his and that he was not allowed to take. But if they were being honest they would have said "a boy worked in an apple orchard and was told after a day of work he would get $10 and a meal. After the day of hard work, the supervisor gave him $10 but no meal.
The boy was very very hungry as he had not eaten all day. So he took an apple from one of the trees. He did not know that he was not allowed to take the apple. The supervisor grabbed him and called the police saying 'This boy stole one of our apples.' 

See the difference? Every day you are being misled and deceived by the main stream media. Be aware. Wake up. Pay attention. Read between the lines. Don't be "sheeple" that just believes blindly what is being said in the main stream media.

Much love, GuruKev