Two Success Stories

Two Secrets Related To Love And The Present That Can Have A Dramatic Impact On Your Life

Let me share 2 secrets that will give you success in every area of your life. 

First, live in the present moment, be in present time, fully experience and focus on the “now”. If you examine your thoughts, you will find that you are almost always thinking about the past, or the future. 

Most people think of the past with some form of guilt, regret or negative feelings. When you are not thinking about the past, most people’s thoughts are about the future: what they want or do not want to happen (and most of these future thoughts are fear based). Most people never really are thinking about and focusing on the moment they are experiencing. 

If you can focus on the “now”, the moment you are living and experiencing, you will release your inner peace and joy. You will also vibrate frequencies that will allow you to create the life you “want”. 

The second secret is to truly love and cherish yourself. When you love yourself without judgment, you can BE the love that you ARE. When this happens, you are blissful.  You will live in the moment with grace and ease. You will radiate love, attract your “desires”, and create a magical glorious life filled with peace, contentment and fulfillment. You will be happy no matter what the conditions are, yet all the conditions will be better than ever anyway. 

You are deeply and unconditionally loved so love yourself and experience what is already yours…your own magnificence. 

Much love…