Wall Of Fire

This Lesson Is About Passing Through A "Wall Of Fire", What It Means And It's Possible Results

I get many letters from people all around the world asking “What can I do to get rid of what seems and feels to be energetic “blocks” that are holding me back from attaining my dreams and feeling good all the time?”

Yes, you do have “blocks”. Everyone does.

These blocks are in fact holding you back from attaining your dreams in life.

They are causing you to have uncontrollable ups and downs emotionally.

They also make you act irrationally at times in ways that can make you self-sabotage your own success.

They can also make you appear to be “unlucky”. 

They can sometimes make it seem like there is a “black cloud over your head” or that you have some kind of “curse” on you where things just never work out the way you want.

For thousands of years, these “blocks” have been called many things by religions, spiritual masters, and self-help gurus (perturbations; engrams; samskaras; encapsulated emotions; etc).

If you want to have total control over your emotions and actions, and remove the “blocks” that are hindering the manifestation of your dreams, you have to go through some kind of “energetic clearing and cleansing processes”.

One such advanced process is the act of moving through a virtual “wall of fire”.

While there are other less advanced processes that will “remove” these blocks to various degrees, the “wall of fire” process is the last process needed, and is a “complete” cleansing of ALL blocks from your past.

You do not need to go through the “wall of fire” in order to manifest your dreams and feel good most of the time.

Very few people are actually ready to experience the wall of fire, and even fewer are “willing”. 
Most wealthy people for example never went through “the wall of fire” yet they still manifested enormous amounts of wealth.

Most centenarians (people who live to be over 100 years of age) never went through this process and still they maintained spectacular health and longevity.

But all spiritually advanced and evolved people who have attained the highest states of consciousness have in fact gone through some form of this magnificent monumental process.

For those few who are not only ready but WILLING, going through the “wall of fire” will be the final stage that takes you to the most advanced and highest states of consciousness and manifesting ability. 
The process will also release in you certain mental and spiritual “powers” that you cannot even imagine.
This “wall of fire”  burns off all one’s karma and all one’s remaining “impurities”. When this happens, the “veil” that has been blocking your vision of “TRUTH” is also “burned away” or lifted permanently. All “blocks” are forever removed.

One then is “anchored” in the state of “seeing” reality, experiencing reality and knowing reality. The illusion of duality in life vanishes. What is revealed and experienced is the “TRUTH” that EVERYTHING is just ONE expression and ONE extension of the ONE Universal Consciousness (Infinite Intelligence; GOD). This is actually experienced, not just intellectually “understood” or accepted.

After you go through the “wall of fire”, you will have the experience and knowingness that EVERYTHING is connected and EVERYTHING is simply ONE infinite energy field of static pure love, light and life.

These concepts are no longer a mental concept, but something you actually experience and therefore KNOW.

Before going through the “wall of fire”, one may have already seen, experienced and come to knowing this “reality” to some degree, but that awareness or state of consciousness was never fully “anchored” or established to the point where it was a permanent “Isness” or “Beingness”.

Before going through the “wall of fire” however, one still must fully experience their “karma”. This means a person is not just living out the karma, but fully FEELING their karma on all levels. This is how karma is eliminated… feeling the karma fully and ALLOWING it to burn off, rather than resisting the karma. It is a surrendering to the karma without judgment or condemnation of it.

Karma can be pleasurable or painful. So living out and fully feeling one’s karma means a person feels both intense pleasure (as “positive” karma burns off) and pain (as “negative” karma burns off).

Many people have wonderful karma that they are living and “feeling”. 

Others have a high percentage of “negative” karma that they must live out and fully experience. 
When experiencing wonderful karma, a person feels “good”. When feeling “negative” karma, those feelings can be very painful indeed.

Feeling pleasure and pain is due to the fact that a person is still stuck in experiencing duality. Thus some things are “good” and others “bad”. When there is no duality, nothing is good or bad, everything just “IS”. Thus the SELF has no feelings of pain or pleasure as they do not exist. Instead the inner bliss and joy just flows without interruption and without ceasing.

Once you go through the “wall of fire”, you will never have to experience suffering ever again.

While your “body” is still living out it’s karma (some “positive” and some “negative” due to your body and mind’s attachment to the sense of duality), you will still possibly experience “pain” and “negative” situations and circumstances, however, you will never have to feel “suffering” again. There is a huge difference between pain and suffering.

You will no longer suffer because you are living and anchored in the space between thoughts, the zero point field.

You are actually now experiencing everything and everyone as your own SELF. You actually become a “witness” or observer to your body, mind and karma. Thus, although the body may be experiencing pain or pleasure, YOU are always bathed in bliss and ecstasy. This inner sensation never ceases, regardless of outer or external conditions, events, circumstances or situations.

This is called “Enlightenment” or SELF-Realization.

When in this state, you are now fully “one with the universe”. There is no more duality. 
There is no longer a me/you, or a this/that, or a there/here, or a my/yours. There is only ONE Consciousness and that is YOU, the SELF. This is the ONE Universal SELF, not the “I am so and so” ego/mind/body “self”.

You not only see, but fully experience everything in your life and everything in the universe as a “play of consciousness”, a manifestation of the ONE SELF, thus an extension of who you really are.

This is impossible for the mind to comprehend because this is beyond the mind. It is NOT something the mind can ever understand and it is not something that can ever be explained in words. It can only be experienced.

Many years ago, as many of you “know”, I experienced this “reality”.

I saw “TRUTH”.

I became “one with the universe” and went to the “place between thoughts” (it still makes me smile and giggle saying these things as they sound so “new age” LOL).

I become one with the “blue pearl” (some of you know what this is and what this means).

I fully experienced total “knowingness”.

Dr. Hawkins (author of Power vs. Force and other books on advanced enlightenment and spirituality) also experienced this ultimate state of awareness or kind of “spiritual” or cosmic conscious awakening while very young. He shares and attempts to describe these higher states of consciousness in his advanced books. Hawkins, as well as I, however, did not become “anchored” in these higher spiritual states at that early age.

We first had to burn off much karma as well as go through the “wall of fire” before that ultimate state of enlightenment or Self-Realization could be fully and permanently established.
Burning off the karma became a fun adventure for me. It prepared me well for what would be my long journey through the “wall of fire”.

But in order to go through the “wall of fire”, you need someone who is already on the other side to help take you across. This can be Jesus, or a human being who has attained the ultimate state of Self-Realization, a perfected Master. This person can be living or no longer living in a physical body. In Eastern tradition, this is called a “Guru”. Other traditions use titles such as Saint, Sage, Lord, Apostle, Master and many other such terms.

For me, all that was needed was for my “Guru” to show up and help me across the final hurdle. 
That occurred shortly after I came to prison. Out of nowhere, I received a letter from an Enlightened Master, a world famous Indian “Guru”. This “Master” heard about my unjust incarceration and was “led” to write me saying it was her “mission” to help me attain this Ultimate State.

That is why my “destiny” was to come to prison… to meet the person who could guide me through this “wall of fire”, and be in the perfect environment to do so.

Dr. Hawkins spent 7 years in seclusion in Sedona AZ while going through his “wall of fire” with the help of his “Guru/Lord”.

I have been incarcerated as of this writing for 6 years going through my wall of fire.

When one goes through the “wall of fire”, only then can they help others to go through it and reach Total Freedom and Ultimate Liberation.

I teach much about this concept in The Science of Personal Mastery Course (contact and ask for information on how to get this Course).
I look forward to my release and being back in the world with you once again.

You will experience a different person than the one you remember.

My mission and sole purpose now is extremely clear and defined. It is to help all those who are ready and willing to go through their own “wall of fire” , thus becoming able to make all their dreams come true faster and easier than ever before, as well as experience Total and Complete Freedom and Liberation on all levels and all dimensions!

We are waiting for you in paradise! Come join “us”.

May you never be the same.

Much love,