What are some of the unique one of a kind amenities or features on FREEDOM?

FREEDOM will be built with features and amenities to provide a complete “village” for full time residents where “nothing is needed” because residents will “have everything they could ever want or need”. The “Resident ONLY” section will be designed to have the feel of a Mega Mansion and be extremely “comfortable”.

The SHIP will also be specifically designed to handle seminars, conferences, workshops, and educational needs unlike any other cruise ship ever built.  This is so people who come on the ship to take classes, study, and learn “Success Secrets” or “The Secrets of Enlightenment and Happiness” are in the ideal environment without distraction.

The SHIP will be the most “stable” ever built, meaning that when moving, you don’t feel the ship is moving. There will be less “sway” than on any other cruise ship.

The SHIP will also be built to be the quietest. The sounds of the engine, generators, fans etc, will be minimal and in most places on the SHIP, will not be noticeable at all. This is a very unique feature. Your cabin will also be quieter than any cabin on any other cruise ship. 

For vacationers, the SHIP will provide the ultimate in good clean healthy wholesome fun!

The “flow” of the SHIP will be designed for the ultimate in comfort, efficiency, and luxury. 

One major difference with FREEDOM is that it will be as 100% “Organic” as possible in every aspect. It will be a “healthy” environment in ways that not a single cruise ship can even come close to.

FREEDOM will not be owned by a for profit corporation with the sole purpose of making money. 

FREEDOM’s main purpose is to provide THE BEST LIFE for those on board, no matter what the cost.

This means everything will be “the best of the best” and designed to provide the ultimate living, working and vacation experience for passengers and crew.

Basic amenities will include:

  • Recreational areas around the ship that include a World Class Gym with every kind of state of the art exercise equipment you could imagine, fitness class rooms, yoga areas, running track, lap pools and more
  • A World Class Spa 
  • Hair/Beauty Salon
  • Library (with both physical books and hundreds of thousands of electronic books and videos)
  • Card Room
  • Sports Bar with an array of entertainment options including the most advanced GOLF simulators, darts, pool tables, air hockey and much more
  • The Game Room (board games, chess, and fun “games” to play with others)
  • Business Center/computer center
  • The most advanced internet service with the world’s fastest speeds 
  • Theater/Showroom (the largest Showroom ever built, will hold 7000 people)
  • IMAX Theater
  • Lecture rooms, course rooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms
  • Movie Theater
  • CLUB Academy and Learning Center 
  • Children learning and play center and School (for the children of Full Time Residents)
  • Over 30 restaurants with hundreds of food choices each day
  • A Natural Cures Health and Wellness Center including full Anti-Aging treatments
  • A full Medical Center and “Emergency Room”, and full dental care center
  • Health Food store and Nutritional Supplement Center (with products not available in the USA)
  • Lots of quiet peaceful places to sit and socialize with friends such as “living room” style lounges
  • Swimming pools, and hot tubs (no chlorine; ozone, oxygen, ultraviolet light and other natural methods used for sanitation)
  • Saunas and steam rooms (the water is filtered and purified as in the swimming pools, so no chlorine)
  • Meditation Room (sound proof)
  • Spiritual Center/Chapel
  • Cigar lounge
  • Dance Club (dance lessons during the day, and dancing with a variety show by night such as Ballroom dance night, etc)
  • Piano Bar
  • Floating live entertainment (violins, harps, and other types of “troubadours”)
  • Karaoke Bar
  • Wine and Cheese bar
  • Hobby craft/Art rooms with needlepoint, crocheting, and knitting; leather craft; art room; ceramics; sculpting; model making; wood craft and more 
  • Music Rooms with dozens of instruments to use and enjoy: lessons available, and “make your own CD” technology
  • Singing studios with lessons and “make your own CD” technology

Unique features of FREEDOM also include:

  • no toxic chemicals or cleaners used anywhere on the SHIP
  • full spectrum lighting, no fluorescent lights
  • state of the art air filtration systems in all rooms throughout the ship providing the cleanest air possible
  • ozone generators used to disinfect and deodorize, no harmful or toxic chemicals used 
  • the mattresses will be the finest and most comfortable in the world, with the world’s most luxurious sheets and pillows (there will be many pillow options, so all passengers can find the perfect pillow for them!)
  • all water (including pools and showers) chlorine free; purified with oxygen, ozone, reverse osmosis, activated charcoal filters, ultraviolet light and other natural methods; reenergized with magnets, vortex generators and more
  • there will be “water stations” all over the ship dispensing the finest, cleanest, purest water imaginable
  • the ship will be environmentally friendly: for example, no single use plastic
  • crystals and many other natural “energy” systems will be used on the ship to neutralize electronic chaos and “wifi” fields and to create a “Healing Field” and powerful “Positive Energy Attractor Field”
  • several full time “social directors”; “FUN activities coordinators”; and “passenger FUN organizers”. These “Cruise Directors” will put together and promote fun activities for passengers. They will be designed so that all passengers on board (even the most shy), are meeting new friends, having the time of their lives, and are enjoying themselves to the absolute fullest. 
  • Spending time on FREEDOM will be the most refreshing and rejuvenating cruise ever. Being on FREEDOM for any length of time will be the most life transforming “event” in your life. It will be the most relaxing, pleasant and enjoyable experience. It will be a “reset” for your entire “system” and allow you to fully “recharge”, reenergize and refocus. 

FREEDOM will also be the most FUN vacation you have ever experienced, where you will be treated like a VIP and Royalty.

FREEDOM will have more real living plants and “alive” flowers on board than any other ship ever. This helps creates a magical “healing” energy on the ship.